Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


  • Learn the 10 things you have to do with your prelaunch. 

  •  Customer engagement and connection is very important in making a launch. 

  •  In order to gain big results you need to do big things, including showing up to your business. 

  •  What other marketing strategies do you need to ensure the success of your online programs? 

  •  Go all in when setting your goals. 

  •  Prepare your energy: what do you need to do for yourself before your pre launch?



  • There's a launch checklist to show you everything that you need to do to plan your perfect launch.  



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Show transcription 



[0:00] I am one of these people that love live launching. And I know people either tend to love it or hate it.

Live launching is a high pressure situation, there's, there's no getting around it. You know, I created the course limited launch formula to literally just run through a Kajabi live launch, because there are so many moving parts to launch. And I'm launching her empire builder in six weeks time. So we opened doors on the fifth of September. And I've been going through everything for pre launch, obviously. And I thought, You know what, it's going to be so helpful to share that with you with everything that I'm doing in pre launch, because pre launch is just as important as the launch. And I often think that the reason why people don't enjoy live launching is because it's too stressful because they haven't implemented all of the pre launch stuff to make it as easy as it possibly can be, and as joyful as it can be. And so today, I have 10 things that I do in the pre launch runway. And so I'm going to share everything with you from that I would recommend sometimes my podcast episodes are all like thoughts and to spark different ideas. This one will definitely do that. But it's also very practical. So for this episode, I recommend listening to it with a notebook. So you can take notes down or go to later. So if you're walking or driving, just jot down And you can get the list of all of these things so that you don't have to write it all down. Alright, let's get straight to it. 


Hi, friend. I'm Tina Tower, business strategist and digital online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old. And I've since built and sold for businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveler, a mama, a wife, a best selling author. And I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through Her Empire Builder. I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big, plan well and take massive action. It is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business that positively impacts the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

Main episode 

[3:01] So running a limited launches, simply having that limited time in the year where you are opening the doors of your membership or your course and then closing them again, it is a highly effective way to run your online business. I love it as a strategy because it works really well for my personality. So I love the energy of a launch. I love kind of being able to have game day, so to speak. So kind of like athletes where they get to train and train and train and train. And then you're in the championship. And it's like right, let's leave it on the field it's do or die, let's go.

That kind of energy for me; works. So I quite like having that that limited window where everything leads to that moment. And then you've got for me, I run eight days. It's the sweet spot for my launches for different people in different industries that can work differently. But generally an eight day limited launch is beautiful. It's enough time for people to kind of know to work through everything to have a challenge or webinars during and then to close those doors and everyone gets a chance to know that you were open in the first place.

And so I love having that eight days twice a year where I can go all out market like a fire hydrant so that everyone that was possibly interested in joining Her Empire Builder knows and then they can decide is it right for me? Yes, no and then maybe jump in next time if it's not right, or get started and get get getting those results. And so I absolutely love it. The alternative for me is having having evergreens and while evergreens you know I'm a big fan of evergreen also because I like Evergreens are kind of the closest thing that you can get to having passive income. 


But in saying that, I don't think anything is passive because it's not a case of build it and they will come like if you're running evergreen funnels, it's the constant marketing. So you're having to drip it out all the time, you're having to talk about it all the time, or have really good Facebook ad funnels kind of running through it. And so while people can say it's passive, if you turned off all the marketing effort, then you wouldn't get any sales at all. And to me, that's not passive. So I always have evergreen programs running like my short courses idea to launch limited launch formula, I've got a book marketing, one personal branding one, they're always there for people to buy in what I call our offseason. And all of them are kind of like small little components of what we get inside Her Empire Builder membership, which is like the big kahuna. And it's open to like everyone that has a course I think it is the greatest program in the world, I have done all of them.


And I like there is nothing that even comes close to the amount of content and the amount of value and the amount of tangible action, results orientated content that you get inside her empire builder that you're able to get and implement straight into your business and get results. So I'm really proud of it. And I love that we open and close the doors, because it means that when you have a limited launch strategy, you're able to get your clients and then have this really focused marketing activity, then close the doors, and then do nothing but just focus on those customers. So just making sure that your onboarding is great that people are getting the results that you can love up on them. And I love that from a cyclical point of view. And it just works really, really well. But what I find is that a lot of people that are doing limited launches, are not having a great time because of the pre launch. And so everything that I want to share with you today is the 10 things that I do six to eight weeks out from launching, so that I can ensure that when we do have our doors open in launch, I have the best energy that I can, everything can flow and run as well as it possibly can. So when you're in launch, it's all about executing your strategy. 


It's all about customer engagement and connection, like 90% of what I do in launch is customer engagement and connection. And of course, it's energy, energy makes such a difference to how you show up for launch and the results that you will get. And you cannot do any of those things well, without a really good pre launch. And so like I said at the beginning, go to, if you want to listen to these things, or get ready to write this down. Because energy is so important, and you shouldn't be launching and figuring out what am I going to post on social media today? Oh, I need to send an email to my database. What should I say? Or oh my gosh, should I run a webinar tomorrow? Like we don't want any of that happening in launch time. That should have been decided months before you're actually launching. 

[8:15] So point one is to decide on your strategy. Now I love strategy. And one of the

one of the things I think people find frustrating, you know, I tell you the good and the bad. But one of the things I think people find frustrating inside of my membership is that we don't preach one strategy. It's not like you have to do this strategy. And it's the only strategy to get results. And it's the only one that will work. I actually think that my job is to offer up all the strategies, and you should never abdicate the responsibility of decision making in your business. What your natural tendency is what your personality is, are you extroverted or introverted? Do you like marketing? Do you like showing yourself do you not like all of that sort of stuff comes into what strategy is going to work best for you, and what you personally can handle and enjoy. And so when we're looking at strategy, we're going alright, out of everything available for you to grow your online digital business. What is the thing that you're going to do for next launch and your launch one is going to be so different to when you're launching for the 10th time. And so for me, I've I'm not sure actually how many lives launches, I've done a lot.


But it's very different now. And it's different every time, every time I'm taking on new things every time I'm experimenting a little bit, because I always want to stay ahead of the curve. So I am never one of those people to go. Okay, that worked last time, I'll just do the exact same thing again. Of course, you don't want to kill something that is working, but you can always do better. And so I look at the different strategies and going are we going to run a challenge. So last launch, I ran a challenge. I loved it. We're going to do that again. And then with the challenge itself, you've got different strategies with that too.


Are you gonna run the challenge before your doors open? Or are you going to run your challenge during doors open. And either way can work really, really well. Personally, I'm running our challenge during doors open, because I like the concentration of all of that effort going in, I don't want to extend our timeline longer than that. And I want people to be able to whether they're on day 123, or 4 of our challenge to be able to jump in and join from that as well. So you've got that you've got underneath strategy as well, 


What live launch elements are you going to have? 

So are you going to go live daily? 

Are you going to go live on Facebook, on Instagram on YouTube? 

Or are you not going to go live? 

You're going to be dripping out pre recorded content? 

So what are those elements that you're going to put in for that live launch? 

Are you going to have a reel based, which is what I'd recommend at the moment with all of the Instagram changes, then you've got webinar? 

Are you going to put a webinar in? 

Are you going to have one webinar? 

You can have two webinars, you're gonna have one in the morning, one in the evening, when you're going to do them? 

Are you going to do them? Like in the beginning? Are you going to do them on the closing day? So for me, traditionally, I have always done webinar, if we open on a Monday or Tuesday, usually on a Thursday, I never do anything on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, because for my market, which is very busy time poor, successful women, running businesses, and often households, they're not going to want to join a webinar on a Friday evening. I mean, if I could send like some nice wine, some champagne, maybe. But it's not the ideal time. So I don't do anything on those times. But I know there's other people in my community, that weekend's work really well. 


So you've got to look at your strategy, your customers and go, What is going to be the best for them? And go with that. Under strategy, are you going to have interviews, so you're going to get your customers on for interviews, I love putting customers in the spotlight. So you know, I send out a couple of months beforehand, kind of like a survey, like a form to all of my existing members saying, Hey, we're doing live launch at this date. Do you want to take part with us? Would you like to be interviewed on our podcast? Would you like to come on to an Instagram Live? Would you like to be featured in one of our member reels. So I send all of that out. So that I've got all of that participation so that I can put the people in the spotlight that want to be put in the spotlight there and give them a little bit of love, and attention as well. And of course, it also allows other potential clients to see what sort of people are already inside and what sort of results that they can expect to achieve. And then under strategy, also, I decide like where I'm going to do it. 


So for me when I did my last launch, which was in April, so we launched in April and September every year. And I launched from Cabo in Mexico. And it was the first time well, it wasn't the first it's the first time I've destination launched Her Empire Builder. When I first launched, like did my first ever live launch, I did it from a house in Thailand and loved it. But obviously we've had COVID and all of that sort of inconvenience that's come with that. And I loved destination launching, I love to being able to be by myself, which to a lot of people is very confusing. But I actually quite enjoy my own company. And enjoy being able to just, you know, eat when I want to eat and work when I want to work and go live when I want to go live and all of that sort of thing and having a little bit more freedom to go with my natural tendencies and moods there as well. 


So I decide on the destination. So for this launch, I'm launching from a gorgeous house in Hawaii. And so I had to get all of that ready as well. I know for a couple of our members. There was one of our members, the beautiful Taryn, she is a dietitian to triathletes. And she's got beautiful young children and she was telling the story of when she was trying to live launch last time, she had her little toddlers like pulling at her legs and different things which anyone who has children can definitely relate to that story. But when you've only got a couple of weeks a year that you are live launching, you can't do it. Like it's just too hard. That is so stressful to try and be looking after toddlers and be going live to hundreds if not 1000s of people online every day. And so Taryn has taken the bold move this time she's rented a house like an Airbnb and Byron Bay, so that she can go and totally just devote for that week to her launch, and I guarantee her launch is gonna go well, because she's given herself that time and space to be able to give it all she's got. So that's kind of everything encompassed in the strategy. 


[14:55] Then number two, we look at creating the calendar. So with all of these 10 points I

Look at when am I going to do each of these things? So I actually put them in my calendar? Because what I find so often is if they're not diarized, if they're not blocked out in the calendar, this timeline will come up so quick. I mean, have you ever been in the situation where you're like, you know, I'm launching two times a year old three times a year, and you get me like, oh, my gosh, it's launch time. Again, how did that come up so quickly, oh, my gosh, I'm not ready. You know, like the time can fold on each other. And so I always put in the calendar, because I know that it'll take me a full day to create all of the social media assets, it'll take me a full day to write all of our email copy, it'll take me a full day to plan out, our webinar funnels, the content for it, all of that sort of thing. So I know how much time each of the elements are going to take. And so I have to make sure I'm blocking them out in my calendar, so that I can give everything to it. And so that launch doesn't come around, and I feel unprepared. So I put in when I'm going to do each of those things on the list. And then I work out when I'm going to run each of the key events. So the things from strategy. 


So if you're doing a challenge or webinar, if you're doing interviews, like when are you going to run each of those things. And this will come down to the clients that you serve and your timezone. And what works best for them as well. So I am in Sydney, Australia, or just outside of Sydney and majority of our clients are in Canada, America, New Zealand, and Australia. We have some in Europe, but but I always work out the time zones in how can I best serve majority of people that are already engaged in the work that I do. So I generally run a lot of my live sessions between nine and 11am, my local time in Sydney, which is around four to 6pm in Los Angeles, and a few hours later than that in New York. So that kind of covers off making it available and accessible to everyone that's kind of already there. So I work out when I'm going to run each of those key events, so that I can start planning them out as well. And then when I'm going to release each of those to the market. So right now, I have the challenge. It's all set up. It's all there, but you won't hear me talking about it yet. Because I released that like three weeks out. So I launched on the fifth of September. On the eighth of August is when I will start talking about the challenge prior to that I'm talking about my opt in my lead magnet, my download. So that is oh my gosh, did you guess it

And I released that six to eight weeks before launch. 


And so what I do is I do the download first and then I go into promoting the challenge. And then a week after starting to promote the challenge I start talking about, well, that's kind of the whole way through I'm talking about when doors are going to open. And then I try and encourage waitlist registrations like two weeks before, then when doors open, it's obviously open. But then I switched from promoting the challenge to promoting the webinar in them. So I try not to promote everything at once because it's too confusing. It's too much. So I go, I'm going to drop this, all roads are going to lead into that. Then once that passes, all roads are gonna lead into the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. So I really highly advise to work out what is going to make sense to your customers, and how can you keep it simple to buy from you, because sometimes we try and do too much. And then it becomes a little bit confusing in there as well. Okay, so then we've got number three. 


[18:38] So we've done number one, deciding on strategy number two, creating the calendar number three is the back end, and this is the biggest part.

So this will take the longest generally. So this is creating your lead magnet funnel. And you want to have a beautiful one of those making sure you've got your easy opt in your welcome page, your email sequences running after it, your download all updated so that you can make sure that it's leading people to where you want to go. So if you get, what you'll notice is it's not just the checklist. On the front page, I've got like a Hello, this is who I am, this is what I do. And then on the final page, I have a promotion about Her Empire Builder, so that anyone that gets that can see what's involved. And it's not coming as a surprise. When we launch Her Empire Builder. We're already telling people what's coming. So if you want to do that for yourself, I recommend getting that and then emulating that in your own business as well. 


So we have the lead magnet funnel, then we create our webinar funnel, we create our challenge funnel, which is quite a big one because there's four days for that so we need all of the opt ins all of the email sequence to go with it. And then of course all the reminder emails before the live sessions, the recording emails after the product set up inside Kajabi where we're going to how's the recording so there's quite a few moving parts to that part.

Then I create all the email sequences. So writing emails for each of the funnels, but also all of our launch emails as well. So doing all of that, then we go into the sales page. So I always update the sales page, are we using the latest pictures from our retreats and live events, if we got the videos all updated, we got our testimonials on there, all of that sort of thing. So give that a little bit of a glow up in the sales page. Then I go into our office and make sure that they're all perfect that we've got the right tags on there, that we've got the right automations coming in, I test all of that make sure all of that is just perfection.


And then I look at upsells and down sells. So do we want to have an upsell at the checkout? Is there anything that we want to have as an add on and then we look at our down sell. So when we close our doors, we always do a down sell of one of our programs. So what is that going to be? What's that down sell offer going to be if people don't choose to opt in to your main product and offering is there something that if they weren't quite ready for that, that you can offer as a down sell, so that next time you do launch, they're more prepared them, they're more ready to be able to do that. 


And then the final one in the back end is we look at bonuses. So we look at bonuses. We have quite a lot of bonuses. We have bonuses for our waitlist, then we have bonuses for our challenge participants, and then we have bonuses for our webinar participants. So we look at, alright, what's going to be enticing? What's going to be great, how can we set up this value stack to make it irresistible? And when are they going to expire? And how can we automate all of that. 


[21:32] So they're kind of the things in the back end, then we go on to number four. So then I look at our welcome and our onboarding process. That's number four. So always, I mean, you've you've been there before, when you've bought programs, and you've bought courses, like one of the most key points is what happens immediately after someone invests in your program. So that's when people are at like, both peak excitement, but also in the stage where they're going, Oh, my gosh, have I done the right thing? Am I ready for this? Am I going to get the desired result that I want? Like is this am I going to be able to do this. And so you really want to make sure that this onboarding process is smooth, and welcoming, and reassuring for people in there as well. So I always record a new video. And this part, I actually do, like if I'm destination launching, I'll do it from where I'm launching. So I do the new video in saying hi, welcome. This is how to find your way around mines and memberships. So I have basically everything that you need to grow your business behind the online courses. So it's a lot of content, which can be incredibly overwhelming when people first come in. So we have a really careful video and going here's how you can access. It's not designed to kind of start at the beginning and watch everything. This is where you can find where you're up to and what you need. And go on to the next thing for you here. This is where our live events are. This is how you can add them to your calendar like all of that sort of stuff. 


Then we set up the welcome live calls. So for me, I do a welcome call when doors close, like just the day after that to welcome everyone in their life to get each other in a breakout rooms and introduce because community is such a big part of it. For me. One of my favorite things is seeing how many friendships are made in our group and also how many business connections and like leg ups that people give to one another like having each other on on one another's podcasts and in each other's programs and putting one another forward for awards and speaking opportunities and all of this cool stuff. And that happens by me encouraging community. So we have those live calls, we have that capability to put people in and introduce one another and all of that sort of thing. We do that right at the welcome. And then we do another one three weeks later and another one six weeks later. Because that just enables people to get that good start and get comfy and know what they're doing. So we do that set up all of those automations or the reminder emails. So as you can see, there's a lot of moving parts. This is why I don't understand how people don't do all pre launch because if you leave all this to launch time, I mean, who costs you're gonna be stressed. Need a lot of time to do this. And I will say this is one of the biggest feedbacks I get is holy guacamole. Tina, like, it sounds like a lot of work. Yeah, it is like, welcome to the game. You want big results, you got to do big things. You've got to go above and beyond. You've got to do all the things. I wish that there was that was not true, but

it is and you can have a lot of staff to help you with this. There's whole agencies that can help you with this.


But I do think that a lot of this comes from you. It comes from you as the course creator. And you are always going to set this up the best because you're going to know how to talk to your customers. You're going to know what they need. Anyway, let me know

digressed from that. 


So where was I welcome calls and automations. So we're under welcome and onboarding. So we do the new video, we do the calls and automations program all of them and welcome gifts. So gifting is my love language, I love gifting every time I send things out, I always have like my friends that are have similar businesses to me at similar levels go oh my gosh, Tina, enough with the spending all your money on gifts. But gifting makes me happy. So we get ready for that we have special boxes that we send to people and inside them, I don't give it all away.

Just in case you join her Empire Builder, I want there to be a surprise. But one of the most valuable things is we have our playbook that has a copy of every checklist for everything like

a like everything like every setting up your podcasts what you need on your sales page, how to run a launch what you do for live sessions, what you do for customer onboarding, what you do for new hires, all of all of it, there's a checklist for everything. Anyway, it's all in there. And we've got a whole lot of other goodies that go in that box. So we've got to kind of check how many stock we've got. And this is where it's tricky, right? So I just literally did this in the last couple of days. And you've got to order all the new things. How many boxes do we need, like, how many playbooks do we need to have printed how many stickers like all of the stuff, and it's a guesstimate. So I have goals, obviously, but I don't know how many people we're going to get. So it's trying to go we don't want to leave ourselves short. Because a lot of these have like a two to four week lead time in printing. But we also don't want to spend a gazillion dollars on stuff and have it all sitting in the storeroom. So that is one of the trickiest parts that I find because I as you know, I'm an optimist, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, this one's gonna be triple the last one.

So you can bet your bottom dollar, I have a full story.


Oh, so we get the gifts ready. And then we look at how can we ensure the success for our clients. So we look at all of our past launches. And we look at like when we lost people if they dropped off and why they dropped off, and how we can have that accountability and how we can have that action because we know that people will stay in our program and do really well. I mean, my goal is to have by 2025 100 100 of our members making a million dollars a year. And to be able to get to that level, we need to encourage people to take massive action, even when it's hard, even when it's a lot of work. And to do that and back themselves and get into it. And I can't do that for you. Only you can do that I can provide all the tools, but you've got to want it. And so it's a way of going, you know, how can we how can we help? Like how can we make that as simple and easy as possible. And so we look at all of that through all of the welcoming and onboarding touch points. And what I'm going to talk about in the welcome calls, and all of that sort of thing. So that's number four. 


[28:01] Number five is create the social media plan. So lately, obviously, there's been a lot of changes to Instagram, social media, I love just because I've been in business a really long time. And I think social media is just like some amazing invention, and so good to be able to reach clients all over the world. Like it's incredible. So we create our social media plan and work out what we're going to do how I'm going to see that, what that what I'm going to talk about every day to make sure that you know, I'm doing enough of a balance of all of the different content types. So have I got enough like customer connection, have I been telling my story have I been sharing my credibility, so people know, I actually know what I'm talking about, like, all of those different things, I map all of that out. And then from there, start creating the assets to go with that which have generally been carousel posts and static posts. But now because of all the changes, we're doing a lot more videos in our social media plan for this launch, as well. So if you're following along, you'll see all of that. So that's number five. 


[29:06] Okay, number six is what is the other marketing other than social media that we're going to do? So? Are we going to have affiliates? I'm not for this launch. But if I was having an affiliates, which I have in the past, what assets do I have to create for them? How do I have to roll that out? What calls do I have to have with our partners? What am I going to do on my podcast so although I'm sharing massive value with you right now, I hope you can agree.

Also, it's part of my launch strategy. It's part of going this is what I teach inside my program we how to do each of these points. And so it's being able to share that with you and go if you want to know how to do each of these points, you can come inside to her Empire Builder and I've got you on your podcast What are you going to share in the lead up so you'll notice on the podcast in future episodes between now and launch times, we've got six weeks will have customers coming on so that you can get to know our customers and their stories so that you can see what success is possible inside Her Empire Builder. We're having all of those different things. So none of it happens by accident. It is all on purpose. Will I go on other podcasts and be able to talk about Her Empire Builder on there? What am I going to see in all of the different things that I'm at. Like do I go to networking events? Do I start talking to other people? Like am I in other Facebook groups, all of that sort of thing in what is the other marketing that you can do to ensure that when you do open the doors to your online program, it's not crickets, you're, you're not like, oh, there's no one here. I didn't tell anyone about this, you want to make sure six to eight weeks before that you are shouting it from the rooftops so that you have an audience ready to buy from you. 


[30:46] Okay, number seven, I'm noticing I'm talking really fast.

It's one. Can you tell I love launching, there's so many things that I would just like, Oh, love it. I mean, strategy and systems is literally my favorite thing. And helping people to do all of this just makes me come alive. So anyway, I just just noticed, take a breath Tina, take a breath.

Okay, number seven is to write all of the launch emails. So back up in number three, with the backend, we kind of write all of the funnel emails, but I do daily launch emails. So for these, the one thing that I want to say about launch emails is I write all of them like now, for the launch, I write them, I program them, like schedule them, they're all there. Now what I will say is they are not the emails that you will get. And there is a reason for that, when I am in launch, and when I have like all of that launch energy, and when my DMs are blowing up every day with all of the questions from people and all of the concerns, and all of the different things that people are asking me and going through, and I'm talking to people on lives, and inside the challenge and the webinar and all that sort of thing, I've got a different energy. So it's like, really, if you've followed along with the launch for me before, I get very, very hyper. But again, like I am like, because I absolutely love it. And so what I would say at that point is different to what I'm saying like six weeks out where right now, I have my like full strategic brain in gear and I'm like, okay, these are the points that I need to cover off because this is where it's logically going to lead. But like in a launch, I might have like five conversations in a row with someone that's like, I really want this, but I don't know if I'm good enough or different. And they frustrate me. And I'm like, Okay, enough with this. And I'm like, bum bum, bum bum bum when I write, so I will change them. And so you may say, well, Tina, what is the point of writing them before. And again, it's to protect my energy. It's because I know that even if I was to get sick, or if something unforeseen happened, or anything like that, they're already scheduled, they're already good to go. So if I'm not feeling it, for some reason, if I'm not like, super energized on a day, I can let the scheduled email go out. So I like having that like Plan B, that backup plan just sitting there ready to go. Which gives me the freedom and flexibility to recreate and to be really creative and really alive in that launch time as well. 


[33:22] So that is why number eight is preparing family, friends and team. So nothing happens alone. And launch is you know, it takes a to do it properly. It takes a lot of energy. And all in I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they said, you know, a good sign of being able to, like have really having a great online business is when your business is launching. And you know, you don't even have to do anything. And I was like What? No, no.

No, I mean, if you're only launching two or three times a year, oh my gosh, show up for your business show up for your customers. If you don't want to do this job, go and find a different one. I tell you what the industry really like really annoys me right now how it's this massive push of like, it seems somehow cool to not need to work. Serve your customers, for goodness sakes.

Can you tell me stuff about it. 


But I think like it's the time it's the time as I said 90% of what I do in launch is customer engagement and connection. I love having that open time to be able to engage with people. I can't keep it up all year round. I mean, I respond to most of our DMS on my Tina Tower account that's always me.


However, it's a lighter load when you turn up the volume on your marketing so to does all of those messages, and I want to be the one there helping people I am I love nothing more than seeing people with a dream and we the goal go out, and just like, totally surprised themselves with their awesomeness and be like, oh, my gosh, I did the thing. I did it, I didn't know if I could do it or not. And I went, and I did it like that, to me is happiness, like, it's just so good being able to witness that. And I cared deeply about my clients' success. And so I want to be there, I want to show up. And I want to serve as fully and as holy as I possibly can. And so with that, I've got to obviously prepare my team like, these are the things that I need to know about during launch. These are the things that I definitely need to be shielded from, don't bring any of that to me until after launch, because right now, this is all I'm focused on, I need to prepare my friends and go, Look, I'm going to be a lousy friend for the next couple a couple of weeks. 


You know, I'll get back to you if you want. But I have such great friends and most of my friends are in business. So literally all through launch, I just get messages every day going, you're amazing, you've got this kid going, like my cheerleading squad, and I love them. But that's what you need from your friends when you're doing this. Because as business owners, you know, we don't often get a pat on the back, and we're human, you need it. And I do think that if you're not going away, if you're not destination launching, you also need to prepare your family to go look, I'm going to be spending a disproportionate amount of time on my phone, I'm going to be glued to my computer, this is what I need. This is what you can do to help me with this. And I'm doing this for you and for me as well, so that they can understand what's going on. So that's number eight. 


[36:35] Number nine is preparing your own energy. So energy, and how much energy you have during launch will make the biggest difference to your results than anything. Because humans buy from humans, and people have to know like and trust you. And the only way they're going to get to know you is if you show up. So we don't want you to be the best kept secret in the world, we want you to be able to show yourself we want you to be able to connect with your clients. And so for that you need to prepare your own energy to go okay. What do you need to show up fully? What do you need? Like if you are petrified of going on video?

How much practice do you need before launch time? Like how can you get yourself comfortable with that so that you are ready to rock when that door opens? What do you need going throughout? So, you know, do you need to get a meal service? Do you need to get a cleaner to come so that you don't have to do any of the house cleaning? Like look at those things that are going to be pain points during your launch? Wait and go? Okay, how can you minimize that as much as possible, so that you have more energy to all go into those new clients that are coming in in there as well. So that's number nine. 

[37:51] And number 10 is to set your goals and go all in. So I truly think I mean, as humans, we're very good at self protection. And so often we can be like, you know, we'll just see how we go. Or I'll just do it like this, but I won't do all these other things. Because, you know, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself or different things like that, like no, no, if you want to win the game, go all in, go. All right, I'm going to do all of these things, I'm going to do them to the best of my ability, I may absolutely nail it and crush it or I may fall flat on my face, I don't know. But what I do know is that I'm going to do my absolute best, everything that I know how to do, I'm going to do it to my absolute capacity and ability. And I'm going to serve people as well as I possibly can. And I'm going to set my goals high. And I'm going to keep going right until the second that that door closes because I only get this opportunity a couple of times a year. And I'm gonna give it absolutely everything I got. I've got because I cared deeply about the success of my customers. I cared deeply about their results and the way that I can get people that transformation promise that I'm selling the way that I can get people that result that I so truly believe that will change people's lives and make it better is for me to get over myself, my insecurities, my doubts, my fears, and to show up fully and serve the pants off those people to go alright, what can I do? How can I do it and let's go. That's the energy that I think he made for a really successful launch. 


[39:29] So if you didn't get to write all this down, go to Grab it all so that you've got it there. And let me know on Instagram how you're going with launch and if this changed anything for you, because I really think pre launch is is the forgotten part of a successful launch. I mean people in pre launch like yeah, you know, like I update my sales page. But not all of these things. You do this and it will put you in such a beautiful position to be able to have the best limited launch that you ever have. And if you're interested in joining us with Her Empire Builder doors open on the 5th of September, and you can jump on the waitlist at I'll see you on the inside my friend. 


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