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Tina has over 14 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mumma and traveller. She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.

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In this episode I am sharing the whole process of creating a Winning Lead Magnet!

A good lead magnet or opt in can change the shape of your business. You can have tons of vanity metrics and followers on social media, but the one key metric that makes the biggest difference in sales is the size and engagement of your email list.

The most effective way to build a highly engaged email list is with a gold standard lead magnet that is high value that your audience absolutely loves!

A lead magnet is an exchange. It’s saying, "Hey, I’ll give you this piece of beautiful value in exchange for your contact information so that I can market to you." But of course, in much more eloquent language.

I have a 4 day Live Lead Magnet Challenge coming up next month. If you want to be shown HOW to do everything that I'm talking about in the podcast, register at tinatower.com/challenge

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Show Transcription: 

Hi friends, and welcome to episode 161 of Her Empire Builder podcast. Thank you for joining me today, as we talk about lead magnets. Look lead magnets may not sound like the sexiest thing ever. I know that from last year, our most popular podcast episodes had the word million in them. There's a reason for that, and this podcast title does not, however, if you want to get to the million dollars, you know what you need, a damn good lead magnet, or 100, one of the two.

So today, what I'm going to be running you through is how to create a winning lead magnet, all of those different components that you need to create your winning lead magnet and attract your perfect client, not the biggest list. Nope, the perfect list. That's what we want. We want quality over quantity. Now I know that a lot of people listen to podcast episodes while walking or running - hands up to the runners. Or driving in the car or when you're on the move in some way, you're not usually sitting down with a notebook. So for this, what I want to, what I want to recommend is listen to this episode and let the ideas go off. Just have a think about it while you're going through and if creating a lead magnet is important to you in the journey of your business, so if you're up to the stage where you're like, you know what I know, I need a more quality list, I know I need to get my list conversion up, I know I need a lead magnet that is not just beautiful, but also highly converting, and I know I need to know how to market it and all of the things in between, then I have a lead magnet challenge that I am running next month. So it's very, very low priced, it's pretty much the lowest price that you ever get to work with me for because it's leading into launch season. So, we're launching Her Empire Builder, my beautiful membership and the greatest education for Kajabi course creators in the world, but we're launching that in April. So this challenge is forming a part of that launch activity as a way of working with me and going, you know what I like her style, or I see what she's got, and I want more. Or you could just do that and suck all the goodness out of it and not go any further. Totally fine with that, too.

So it is happening on 5th April in Australia, 4th April if you're in the US, which is where I will be when I'm running it, but in the four day challenge, what we're doing is we're spending four days with going over what makes a great lead magnet, how to design the great lead magnet, and it's not theory, you will finish it with this whole lead magnet pipeline. All done. So I've got the Canva templates, I've got the copy examples, I've got everything to make it really easy and achievable for you. So we go through how to design it so that your audience, you know, they just have to have it when they see it rather than something that's not quite right. We go through how to create it and how to create your whole funnel. So what to put on your opt in page, what to do with your email sequence after, what to put on your thank you page, where to kind of orchestrate that customer journey. We look at writing your email sequence and your copy and your marketing for optimal conversions, and then how to actually get it out there in the world. So through the week, we'll be designing and creating and marketing your new lead magnet and I will be running a competition throughout with some awesome prizes for the people that get best list growth results. So it's not just about theory. Actually, none of it's about theory, podcast, you'll get theory, in the challenge, you'll get like action, we want to actually get it out in the world while you are doing the challenge and getting those results. So, if you want to register for that, you can go to tinatower.com/challenge. It's $44 for four days, and let me tell you, here will be the best $44 that you spend in your business.

Alright, so rather than listening to us talk about that anymore I'm going to go in now and give you all of the free tips on how and what you need to think about to create your lead magnet and if you want to actually be shown how to do it with me in depth for four hours then come on over tinatower.com/challenge.

Hi friend. I'm Tina Tower, Business Strategist and digital online empire builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old and have since built and sold four businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveller, a mum, a wife, a best selling author, and I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way.

Through Her Empire Builder, I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big, plan well, and take massive action. It is absolutely possible to run a thriving growing business to positively impact the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

A good lead magnet or opt in, depending on the language that you want to use, both mean the same thing, it can change the shape of your business. So, I see so many businesses that track their success by having tonnes of vanity metrics and followers on social media but the one key metric that makes the biggest difference in sales is the size and engagement of your email list. The most, the most effective way to build a highly engaged email list is with a gold lead magnet that is high value that your audience absolutely loves. This is something that I think is totally underrated. I mean in terms of list conversion. So, every time you do a live launch, you can estimate how many people will join your programme based on your list size but there's a lot of variables to that. So, we see anywhere from 1% to 5% of people's list size converting when you do a launch. Now if you do a live launch, and you do your numbers after when you do your launch debrief, which I hope everybody is doing, if you're part of Her Empire Builder, you're doing that, and if your conversion was 1% of your list size, then you know that your list was not obtained or isn't engaged, not obtained through actual good quality lead magnets.

So for example, if you're just building on Facebook ads, or if you've gone viral on a reel and you get a whole lot of people that aren't your perfect clients, it can look good from a numbers point of view but all that really matters at the end of the day is how many people are paying you to serve them. So we want to make sure that your list is filled with people that are actually interested in doing business with you,  and how we do that is with that gold lead magnet. So a lead magnet is just an exchange. It's saying, hey, I'll give you this piece of beautiful value in exchange for your contact information so that I can market to you, but of course we're doing that in much more eloquent language.

I think the market is sophisticated enough now to know that it is an exchange, you don't get anything completely for nothing. I mean, there's people that are giving so much value on the internet with free lead magnets, with free videos, with free master classes with all of this beautiful content, and yes, it's to serve people but it's also to give the indication, hey, this is what I do and this is like a surface level, and if you want to go deeper with me, this is the sort of indication of what you can get and then let's take that next step together.

So there's never, you know, I'll have people sometimes going, oh, you know, should I, should I be doing that? and then like, should I send them more than one email? Or is that being too pushy? Hey, you have given something of such high value and a lead magnet done well, is high value. You’re not wasting someone's time. It's something that your beautiful ideal customer actually wants. If you've done that, then yes, it gives you permission to be able to send them a few emails saying hey, here's how you can take the next step, and you never have to feel bad about that because there's the beautiful unsubscribe button. If people just wanted the freebie and didn't want anything else, which there are those people, power to them, they can hit unsubscribe, super, super easy.

So what I want to take you through on this podcast episode is the process of creating a winning lead magnet that can build your business. Then if you want to be shown how to do that, like I said in the intro, go to tinatower.com/challenge and you can join me in the challenge and I am telling you what I'm doing while I'm doing it also. This because as I'm talking about lead magnets, this challenge is my lead magnet for my live launch for Her Empire Builder. So if you join the challenge what you’ll get is massive value, massive value. I mean, one, it's $44 for four days live with me and you can't get that any other time. You’ll get, just even in the Canva templates alone, oh my gosh, they're a thing of beauty, but it will mean that you will also get my launch emails. You will see that whole process and it's something that I hope that you're using in your business as well in there.

Okay, so the the quick creation guide for doing a lead magnet, the first thing is defining the type of lead magnet that you're going to use. This is all things that we go in deeper in the challenge but I want to give you this now, so that you can start kind of percolating on it. So there are tonnes of different types of lead magnets, surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, I guess, in our attention deficit society that we live in, the simplest ones often work the best. So by that, I mean, like simple PDFs, so simple PDFs that have a really quick, easy achievement for people. They are the ones that often work the best, or something that is completely transformative, like doing a challenge. So they're very popular, and the other one that's very popular is a quiz but when you're doing a quiz, interestingly, you have to keep it nice and simple and entertaining. So I remember Jenna Kutcher, which if you don't listen to Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, she has the gold, the gold, the Goal Digger podcast, which is really fantastic, and she was talking about lead magnets on one of her episodes. I remember her saying that one of her most popular lead magnets that she'd used was for people to decide what type of celebrity entrepreneur that they are like, are they more like Oprah? Are they more like Jeff Bezos? Now this has no, like, tangible result for people's business but it built her list a lot, because people were like, I want to know which entrepreneur am I most like? So sometimes it's like a sheer value thing in going hey, here's like a Canva template that you can use to actually get results in your business, and sometimes the ones that work are just entertainment value.

You know, doing something simple at the beginning of the year, like how to do your goal setting, how to do templates for different things, they work really well. So, first thing is to look at all of the different types of lead magnets, and then choose the type that you're going to work on next. Then it comes down to designing. So when you go to design your lead magnet, you want to have in mind the customer journey. So what do you want them to do with that lead magnet and then what do you want them to do  next? So making sure that you know, say, for example, you're giving, I have a live launch checklist, right? If you want a copy of it, you can go to tinatower.com/checklist. A good way of looking at pipelines is to opt into other people's pipelines and then, I mean, some people do like, while I'm talking about email sequences, like you never want to death by email people. There is a line, which I'll talk about after but so when it comes to the checklists, so say we're using that checklist, mine’s a live launch checklist. So everything that you have to do when you are doing a live launch. So say someone downloads that, I don't just give the checklist, because people will get that checklist and then go, okay, I'll go and use this, but they won't take that next step. So what I have is on the front page of the checklist, I have like an introduction, putting a bit of my bio, because there's a lot of people that will download that because they see it on social media that have no idea who I am, what my background is, whether I have any credibility or authority to say what I'm saying. So you've got to give that part, then it goes into the actual value. So you've got all of the checklists there that people can use and then on the last page, it's the full page promotion of your programme. So the full page and going, hey, this is, if you liked this, and you like this type of thing, oh my gosh, have I got more for you. Here is everything that we have included in our, whatever your programme is, and then hyperlink the button where people can click and learn more about that. So you always want to have that in the design so that when people are downloading something, because people will keep lead magnets in their computer for ages as well. So you want to have that as the gift that keeps on giving. So first is defining the lead magnet type, then you're designing the lead magnet, then you're going to write the copy. So you're going to create your funnel. 

So you're going to have in your funnel, you're going to have the opt in page, you're going to have the thank you page and you're going to have the email sequence that goes with it. Now a lot of people have differing opinions on the copy for an opt in page. So some people, what I would say is the best thing is the thing that works best for you. So if you're new to this online courses game, what I would do is experiment. Have one opt in page which is light on text. So, just the heading, here's some top points, this is what you're going to get, download here, because knowing that a lot of people are looking at it on mobile, you don't want to have it like super text heavy. So I found in my business, I serve business owners, and primarily female business owners and they are short on time. Like no one has an abundance of time and so they're not going to want to read a gazillion words to get to the opt in button. So short copy works well for me, which is very handy, because you have to write less copy but for some people, long copy does work better. So it's a good idea when you start doing lead magnets to test and measure and figure out what your customers respond best to, and then give them that. So you've got your opt in page there, clear call to action, like download here or get it here or use language that's appropriate for you in your business, and then you want to bounce them straight to the thank you page. 

Now, one of the best converting tips that I can give you on a thank you page is don't put the download on the thank you page and I know, a lot of people will be going, wow, what, say what, hang on, don't put the download on the thank you page. So I have been through people's lead magnet funnels before, and you fill in the opt in form and then you literally just bounce to the PDF in the browser. I’m like well, then I'm stuck in the PDF, I'm not taking that next step while I'm engaged and on your website. Same with the thank you page. If it's just they're saying thank you for downloading, click here to get your download, then again, I'm gone. I'm off the website, and so what I recommend people do and what always gets better conversions is saying an email is on its way to you right now that has your download, while you're here, here's something that you can check out and then you're either going to offer them into your free Facebook group, if you've got a really engaged free Facebook group, which highly converts customers, when you do live launches, pop them into there. If you've got something that's open now you might put them into an evergreen programme and go, here's the next step, whatever that next step that is perfect after that lead magnet for the customer to take with you in their journey, that’s where you want to send them to next. So that's on the thank you page, and then you're going to have your email sequence.

Now, like I said, touched on a little bit earlier, there's a lot of different theories also on emails. Now I go a lot lighter on the number of emails, I go three to four in an email sequence for a lead magnet because I do a weekly newsletter as well and I don't want everyone to get so bombarded. I have opted into, this is especially prevalent in the US, so if you're listening in the US, you will know when you opt into US based thought leaders or websites that you can encounter what I call death by email. I have been in an email funnel before because I really wanted to check out what they were doing and I'm pretty sure like it was 20 something emails and there was like two or three a day. Oh, oh my gosh, like I don't know how many people that would actually respond well to that but, I mean, maybe it works. I don't know, I think they're watching their metrics, but what I would say is, the whole purpose of lead magnets is to keep the customer engaged, keep them there, so that you can form a relationship and form that trust. So you don't just want to go to all the trouble of getting people on your list and then having this massive list size, but knowing that half of them have unsubscribed. So what you want to do is find that beautiful balance with hey, this is the next steps that you can take while they're right there engaged in the thing that you're doing, but not doing such high volume that they're going to hit that unsubscribe button and never want to talk to you again. So we write the copy then for the email sequences in there and if you're coming to the challenge, another shameless plug, tinatower.com/challenge, we're going to actually write the copy for all of your email sequence in there as well.

Then we're going to do all the creating so then you want to open up Kajabi or whatever software that you're using and you're going to create your opt in page, you're going to create your form, you're going to create your event if you're having one, you're going to create your thank you page, you're going to create your email sequence and you're going to activate all of those automations. So one of my favourite things about online business is all of this is automated. We don't have to do any of it. Once we do it, set it up at the start, it all just happens by magic, which is just I mean, it's a thing of beauty, right? But it's making sure that all of your automations are all set up and all doing everything that you know that they can do and that you're optimising the use of automations because I see a lot of people that really don't understand the tech and so they're not using all of it to its capability that it actually can be used for.

So once you've created all of that, it then obviously comes down to marketing it. So again, like with anything to do with online courses, you don't want to be the world's best kept secret, you need to actually get it out there into the world. So we create the marketing plan for it next and go alright, we've got this amazing lead magnet, it's exactly what our customers want. We've set up and automated all of the customer journey afterwards. We don't want to just sit there and put it online and then be like, Oh, nobody's downloading it, what’s, what's going on here? The old build it and they will come? No, it's, that doesn't happen. The Internet is a very busy, crowded place so you need to have a really solid marketing plan. So we figure out what your marketing plan is going to be, then design the social media tiles to promote it.

Now, we're lucky that we have so many different ways to be able to promote lead magnets in our pocket. You know, you can share it on your podcast like I'm doing right now. You can share it on social media and on social media, you've got so many different ways to appeal to different parts of your audience. So you may do a Tik Tok that can share it, you may do an Instagram story where you're just talking casually about it, you may do a reel, which will gain more eyeballs, and the people can opt in that are right for that lead magnet. You can do normal static social posts with what I'd recommend a carousel post so that you can show people exactly what's included in the lead magnet. You can do Facebook, you can do videos promoting it, there are so many different things that you can do to promote it, which will attract different people, because often when we go to promote something, especially when we're doing a live launch, you can think oh my gosh, this is so much. Like so much promotion, there's so many different things going out, but the thing is, rarely will you have customers on all channels, or consuming all things. Like I know for me, when I go on Instagram, I respond to all my comments, respond to all my DMs and then I'll look at like my first four or five people's stories. That's it, I don't scroll, I look at stories and so if people were putting stories up, that's where it's going to get me, but if people were putting posts up, I will never see them, and that's like a lot of your audience too and you're probably the same. You will either consume, you know, you'll be a Facebook scroller or an Instagram scroller, or just a consumer of reels or stories or Tik Tok or something that is like your social media of choice. So don't be too worried about going across platforms and using, like the three different tools that you have on Instagram, because it will get to different people.

So then you're going to send it to your existing database too and this I think, is really important, because a lot of people won't send it to their existing database, because they're like, well, I've already got them on my database, I don't need to give them another lead magnet, but knowing that the power of your email list is in the engagement. So how you get a 5% conversion when you launch not a 1% conversion, is by having a highly engaged list, that are there loving everything that you're giving, knowing that they want to stay on your email list because you give such massive value. Then those couple of times a year that you launch, they're like, yes, give it to me, baby, because they know that you're just this giver of all of these awesome things that are exactly what they want to have. So sending it to your database as well.

You also want to add it to your homepage. So for example, on my homepage, tinatower.com, I have a free resources section, where six, I always change it like every 90 days, we review what had been our best lead magnets or our best opt ins, or our best free resources. So we have some things that are just for page views that actually are not an exchange for email address, but we just give people access to and for those ones, they're all there on the tiles so people can scroll down and go to free resources and get those. So you want to make sure that you've got them on your homepage so that when someone's just checking you out, say they haven't seen it on social media, but a friend said, hey, have you seen this lady, like, she's got it all going on with the thing that you're looking to do, and the first thing that they'll do is Google you and then they'll go to your website. How you actually get them to give their email address to stay engaged, to start building that know like and trust factor is by that exchange of the lead magnet. So making sure that you've got that there on the homepage so that you can keep that relationship going.

Then the final thing is to review and refine. So again, I think that nothing in business or life is ever static. It's never done. You can always do things better and so if you've got a lead magnet that's working really well, looking at that and going how can I optimise it even more? How can I make it even better? How can I increase the conversions that we're seeing on the opt in page? Like testing and measuring constantly so you're getting better and better results because remember that you are in competition with nobody but yourself. The only thing that you can do in your business is to review those key metrics and look at it at the end of 30 days, look at it at the end of 90 days and go, what worked? What didn't? What can I do better? If you are every month doing better than the month before, oh my gosh, that is how your business flies.

Okay, so that's it on lead magnet creation. If you want to be shown how to do all of this stuff, I would love to walk you through it. It's happening in April across four days. So one hour a day for four days. If you can't make it live, it will also be recorded. You can go to tinatower.com/challenge. It's 44 Australian dollars and I will see you there on the inside. Happy lead magnet creating.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Her Empire Builder. If you loved it, please share it on Instagram for your friends and be sure to tag me @tina_tower so I can say thank you and if you really want to deliver me smiles, you can pop on review on Apple podcasts. I would love to hear from you so if you have any questions at all, email me at [email protected] and if you would like to work with me further, all of the free resources and my courses can be found at tinatower.com. Now I truly hope this podcast gives you so much value and you can use it to dream big, plan well and take massive action in building your very own empire that's just for you. Have the greatest day.




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