Ep154 How to use the holidays productively for an epic 2022


Today's episode is the last one for 2021!

Thank you to over 60,000 of you for listening to Her Empire Builder podcast this year. I have absolutely loved sharing the journey of building the business of your dreams and the life of your dreams with you.

Throughout January, we will be re-releasing our Top 5 episodes each week, so that you can feel inspired & ready to make 2022 your best year yet.

In today's episode, I am sharing with you all of my tips that I think you should do in order to have your most productive downtime ever, so that whenever you return, you are ready for your most epic year yet.

Happy Holidays & Merry Everything Friends! 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • How to use your holiday downtime to set up for an epic year ahead
  • My tips and tricks to make it the most productive time 
  • What is happening with Her Empire Builder Podcast 
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Show Transcription: 

Hi friend, Welcome to Episode 154 of Her Empire Builder podcast. And the final episode of 2021. Oh, yeah, let's wrap this baby up. Yeah, I want to tell you a story about the podcast. So, you know, for my regular listeners, you know, I really value consistency, I really value showing up for people when you say you will. And I never miss an episode of my podcast ever. I never miss anything I say I'm going to do, because I think nothing is stronger than your word and to other people, and also to yourself as well. And sometimes that can mean that I will hold myself to impossible standards and super high expectations. And you as an entrepreneur, I'm pretty sure you would do the same. Because it's a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs in the we have really high expectations of others, but nowhere near as high as what we have for ourselves. And for everybody that I know, that is really high achieving, they're somewhat burnt out this year. Because when the pandemic hit in 2020, at the start of 2020, a lot of people kind of took a bit of a break, you know, took it a bit easy. People were baking bread, people were watching Netflix, people were doing a whole lot of things like normal people, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs, though, went into this survival, desperation sort of period where they like, what is this going to mean, for me? What is this going to mean for my business, and a lot of people had to pivot, a lot of people really went into service of others. And while everybody else was resting or taking stock of life, and all different things, the entrepreneurs of the world worked. And a lot of the time, you're getting broken up with travel and different events, and all of these different things that are giving us that respite that are feeding our minds. And with nothing else really to do while the world was somewhat shut down, what I have found is a lot of very highly ambitious humans have been sitting at their desks working more than you have ever worked before. And that has led to a lot of people being tired. And this is also speaking for myself. I am one of those people, where your brain is just that little bit tired, like our brain is a muscle. And usually we get rest and those creative bursts when we're out and about. And we're getting inspiration from different places and getting that space and that time. And that space in that time is so important for those creative juices to be flowing and to show up and to serve people beautifully. And so as it's got into this kind of end of the year period, I've noticed myself and a lot of my Her Empire Builder clients are all in that same sort of situation where they haven't taken their foot off the pedal for 18 months, they've just been going flat stick. And so there needs to be some respite. And I was talking to my husband about this and going, you know, I'm taking a break this year. So usually I take like the week between Christmas and New Years. And that's it and I take the opportunity while everybody else is off to work uninterrupted, right? Workaholic, raise your hands. I'm reformed, I'm trying, I'm trying purposefully not to be that person. And so I’ve scheduled in to finish from the 16th of December, and not to return to work until the 31st of January and everything is sorted. My membership is all sorted with lots of guest expert sessions. I'm coming in just for one masterclass. There's a whole lot of things happening in there to make sure our customers are all being loved up. I've pre done all of our emails, all of our social media, I've got everything sorted for our events in February when we returned so I don't get slammed, like everything is organised. 

But I was looking at the podcast and going gosh, okay, so I've got like a couple of weeks left and usually I have lots of very far in advance but when my son had his accident in October, everything kind of caught its tail and, and pushed me a bit over the edge in terms of organisation because I was rightfully so spending so much time with him and you know, my family. And so, how am I going to I've got two weeks left before I take the break and I've got to do like 10 podcast episodes. What am I gonna do? I was really stressing myself out. And my husband you know, always The oh one this looks like duh, how do you not see this Tina? Was like, just stop, like, just take a podcast break? And I'm like what? Like, what just just not do it? He's like, Yeah, just don't do it. I'm like, what? I can't just not do it. And then he laughs at me and goes, like, how do you think you're so important that you just can't not do it. But the business person in me goes, a lot of people take a podcast break over the break, which means that there's a lot of people listening, because they're on break, they're travelling, they're taking walks on the beach, and nobody's dropping new episodes. 


So I want to be that person is an opportunist, you know, like you. And then he's telling me about Hamish and Andy, and how much he loves Hamish and Andy. If you're in the US comedians in Australia, absolutely fantastic. And they take a government mandated podcast break over the Christmas period. And he's like, You know what, maybe you need to introduce a government mandated podcast break as well. And to me, it was like these wild idea in going what, so I could just, take a break and return next year. And so that's what I'm doing, my friend. This is our final episode. And we will be returning in February. And that is a big deal for me. Even though you're like, Yeah, okay, Tina, like sure. This is the thing like as entrepreneurs are self imposed, deadlines, expectations, all of these different things. Because it's the final episode, I want to thank you so incredibly much. This year, we had 60,000, over 60,000 downloads of the podcast. And that's a lot of people putting it in their ears. And I just want to say that I very much appreciate you, I know how many podcasts you have the choice to listen to, and that you choose mine kind of blows my mind. And I'm so grateful that you allow me to walk this journey with you as you go to build the business of your dreams and the life of your dreams. And we're kind of doing that together. So thank you, I appreciate you. And now in this episode, I'm going to let you know all of the things that I think you should do in order to have your most productive downtime ever, all the things that you should do in the holiday period, so that when you return in January or February, whenever it may be that you're ready for your most epic year ahead. Are you ready for it? Straight after the intro. 


Hello, I'm Tina tower, and you're listening to her Empire Builder. But my first decade of business, I thought grinding and hustling and working harder than everyone else was my path to success. It was pretty successful by a lot of measures, but it led to burnout and adrenal fatigue. Then when I travelled around the world, on my family gap year, I discovered the simplicity and the reach of online business. And I completely fell in love. You have so much knowledge and expertise that's within, and I want to help you to package that. So you can also help to lift others up. So how do you build a thriving million dollar business based on everything that's in your mind? This is Her Empire Builder, the podcast.


So what's my recommendation to do with your downtime? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Have a rest my friend, have a rest. Enjoy the time, celebrate the year, celebrate how you got through it and get ready. Because 2022 the world over is going to be the most epic rise. And I want you so ready for it. Have a rest, guilt free, recharge, celebrate, and I will see you in 2022.

 Happy Christmas Friend. 


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