Ep145 Why I'm Changing My Launch Strategy in 2022

Today's episode is a little bit of a behind the scenes look into the launch strategy I use. It's not going to be a technical episode with all the metrics & numbers, but it is actually more of an insight of what I have been doing in the last year to create a 7 figure plus business and why I've decided to basically throw out that strategy and go for a whole new one in 2022. As course creators and business owners, there is never one right way to do things, and it is going to change season to season, year to year. What is right for you now, may not necessarily be right for you in a years time.


I thought this episode would be really helpful for me to share my personal experience with what I've gone through, as I've reviewed everything in the last month and then set up for our 2022.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What my strategy plan has been during 2021;

  • What you need to ask yourself when thinking about your next growth stage; and 
  • What has got me here, will not get me to my next stage - find out what is happening in our world in 2022. 
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Show Transcription: 

Hi Friends, welcome to Episode 145 of the Her Empire Builder podcast. Today, I want to talk to you about launch strategies. I'm going to talk to you about my launch strategy and hopefully will be able to help you on your own launch strategy, but not from a technical point of view. So, I'm not going to be running through how you run an evergreen or this is how you run a live launch. What I want to talk about today is my strategy and what what I have been doing in the past year to create the seven plus figures in our business, and then why I've decided to basically throw out that strategy and go for a whole new one in 2022. What the difference was between that and the mix, and why I've decided to kind of pull the different levers in my business that I am. I think that it will be hugely helpful to you because I know that as cost creators and as business owners, we're sitting there going, do we go this way? Do we go that way? Should we do this? Should we do that? And the thing is, you never know.


You know, you can always see what someone else is doing and go, okay, well, if that's how they're doing it, then that's the way I'm going to do it, because that's the right way. And one of the things that I do repeat again and again with all of my clients is as frustrating as it sounds, there is no right way. The right way is the right way for you right now. And that's going to change from season to season from quarter to quarter from year to year. And you have the right to change your mind depending on what suiting you at that time. So I thought it would be really helpful for me to share my personal experience with what I've gone through, as I've kind of reviewed everything in the last month and then set up for 2022. So that's what we're going to get into today, a little bit of behind the scenes. Let's do it.


Hello, I'm Tina Tower, and you're listening to Her Empire Builder. For my first decade of business, I thought grinding and hustling and working harder than everyone else was my path to success. It was pretty successful by a lot of measures, but it led to burnout and adrenal fatigue. Then when I travelled around the world, on my family gap year, I discovered the simplicity and the reach of online business. And I completely fell in love. You have so much knowledge and expertise that's within, and I want to help you to package that. So you can also help to lift others up. So how do you build a thriving million dollar business based on everything that's in your mind? This is Her Empire Builder, the podcast. 


Always my goal with this podcast is to be as honest and vulnerable as possible with you. And while sometimes, like literally I finished recording the podcast, and I get off, and I kind of take a deep breath and go, Hmm, well, I went there with this one. Because one of the downsides of always, you know, telling you where I'm at at the moment is knowing that my mind will change. And someone shared an episode the other day that they'd gone back and they'd started listening to Her Empire Builder podcast, like right from the very beginning. And the episode that they shared was my 90 day digital detox. I'm very far from 90 days without social media in my life at the moment. And it got me thinking about well, how much like through the time, my strategy will change and my ideas will change. People could listen to me from before and go, Oh my god, you like she was a bit stupid, wasn't she saying that. But I'm okay with that. That was one of the things that I was thinking about afterwards was going you know what I know that in five years time, I will listen to what I'm saying now, and I will know more. And I'm okay to be able to share with you where I'm at right now, knowing full well that my mind will change. Because you know what we grow, we grow, we evolve, our mind changes. We can at any moment, decide to change direction to do something different to adopt a new set of beliefs that's going to serve us better in our lives. And that is what today is all about. 


I've been in this online game, I mean, I've written a book on it, and I teach people about it. I have been in business for 17 years now. So a long time. I've been teaching people for that that entire time. But in online business since 2018, so 3 years. So not that long. As we're evolving and changing, it's really going is what serving us now, the best thing to do going forward. And so what I wanted to talk about today is what I've done in the past year and what I am changing next year, so that as I do that you can get some ideas for your own business and start to question, and go Okay, do I want to change my direction? What sort of launch strategies am I using in my business? What sort of mix are we doing? If you're in the beginning stages of your launch journey, and your online course creation, you can look at my business right now or even what I've done in the last year and compare yourself to that and feel like you need to do all of those things. But what I did in the first year was very different to what I did in year two. And what I did in year two was very different to what I did in year three. And now that we're going into year four, next year, it's going to be very, very different again.


One of my favourite sayings is what got you here won't get you there. And it's part of your responsibility as a business owner to go. Alright, what have I done so far? What do I need to do to get myself to that next level? And then when you get to that level, go, alright, let's look ahead, what do I now need to change to get myself to the level above? And so my current launch strategy for the past year my product mix, one of the things when I say that I changed in year three, a lot of what I did in year two, was in year two, I was still going in every direction, I was still trying to do everything for everyone. So someone would say to me, can you coach me on this? Yeah, sure. Can you coach me on this? something totally different? Yeah, I can do that. I'll do that, Hey, can I have this payment plan? Because this payment plan doesn't work for me? Yeah, sure. I can do that. Like basically, you just say yes, to every opportunity that comes your way. Because you're trying to build traction, you're trying to build your brand, you're trying to build your reputation, you're trying to get people good results. You're trying to find who you want to be in this world, and what shape that's going to take and if you do that, too soon, you'll end up kind of not knowing exactly what you're doing and not being so passionate about what you're doing. 


So Her Empire Builder only started last year. And one of the reasons why it did so well was because I knew exactly what shape it needed to take before I launched it into the world. So for 2021, our strategy has been to expand our funnel with Million Dollar Micro Business, the book. And you know, if you're looking at writing a book, it is such a good way to build your audience to expand your funnels to expand your reach, and start to provide massive value to the world and to make that contribution and to reach a wider audience as well, in saying that, writing a book is nothing to take lightly. It’s one of the hardest things that I have I have ever done. I know some people can turn out books a lot easier. But from a mental point of view and a time point of view and discipline and focus. It is a challenge. But the business rewards are ginormous. So it was very well worth us doing that this year 2021. It's definitely not something on the horizon for 2022.

It will be a long time before I will do that again. So we had Million Dollar Micro Business the book and then we went into our evergreen program, which was Idea To Launch, which was one of my first ever live launch programs. So that's been around since 2018. And it just sits there. We then introduced our new program Limited Launch Formula in June. I think, I mean, I know I'm biassed because it's mine, but also I have seen so many and done so many and it is, I think the best short course on the internet. It is amazing. It is my best work and I love it.


Then there's the Her Empire Builder mastermind, which we launch publicly twice a year. So that is pretty much my Ascension model is coming through the book, Do I need to launch, to get your course launched in the world then Limited Launch Formula with really how to supercharge that and how to grow and then the Mastermind for the business behind the online courses to really solidify your personal brand and your marketing and go to that next level with multiple six figure launches and all of the great things that happened down the road. 


So that is kind of where we have been at this year. And it worked perfectly perfectly for the stage that I was at my goal this year was to get to 100 Empire Builders and I'm there with our recent launch so if you followed along with our most recent launch, we closed a couple of weeks ago and it was fabulous and this is the power of setting goals you know we had the goal to get to 100 and we got 102 so I'm like probably should have aim two feet higher to give myself a bit more wriggle room. But you know, again, I will repeat it again like the saying that I check in with all the time is what got me here won't get me there. And so as I've been looking down the barrel at 2022 there's quite a bit bit that I'm going to change for next year and I want to share with you the why and my strategy behind the changes because I know that there are things that you'll be questioning in your business too. And it's really hard to know whether we're doing the right thing as business owners or not at different times. 


So when I closed my last launch, I knew I realised I had to make a change again.

And it's kind of you know, the only constant in business and life is change. I have never ran in my 17 years never done a year where I'm like, you know what, I'm gonna do the exact same thing as the year before, just rinse and repeat never that's never happened and will probably never happen. Because I love growth. I really love the evolution of growth and seeing what I can achieve and being able to go what is possible Next? Let's see, what do we want to play with? Like, to me, this game of business that we get the privilege to play is just great fun, right? Don't you think? it's just so good. So nothing in life or business for that that matter is is set in stone and it moves even faster. If you're in online business where you know, your growth is over 100% year on year and so what you're doing has to be changed again and again, if you want to stay kind of ahead of that curve. Otherwise, you know, in this world of copycats, especially, you know, there's someone right behind you always, always someone ahead always someone behind. And if you want to stay at the top of your game, you've got to continually evolve and grow and go, how can I lead from the front? How can I have the ideas? How can I be creative? How can I not just do what the other people are doing online? How can I take it to the next level? How can I lead those people and so that's what I've been looking at. And you know, this year has been incredible for my company. Usually I travel a lot, like a lot of travel. I get pretty much all of my inspiration and creativity and thinking time from travel. I've really struggled without it. I know I know I am by no means playing my violin. So many people have it so much worse and it is not lost on me how lucky I am. But in its absence, I have been like totally head down, bum up working so much working like ridiculous amount of working because there's just not really much else going on. Especially with lockdowns and everything happening. I may as well just you know, get this stuff done. And this year, I launched Million Dollar Micro Business that short term number one bestseller on Amazon and Booktopia released my short course Limited Launch Formula ran my first luxury retreat for Her Empire Builder. I built my membership from 35 to 102 women, I hired two new team members, I fired to new team members. I did five weeks straight through July and August, averaging 30 hours a week on zoom with coaching calls and masterclasses like just nuts, I've guested on over 50 podcasts this year. I've had international media, I got this podcast into the top 10 in entrepreneurship with over 50,000 downloads. And friends, I am tired.


So I'm always into coaching. I always have a coach, I'm always doing courses and programs and trying to get new ideas and inspiration. And I had her on the podcast a couple of weeks ago, Jill Stanton, and she was my my fabulous coach through a 12 week sprint. And one of the first questions that she asked me when we started working together was do you feel successful? Right now, if I said, Tina, are you successful? What do you say to that? And I said no.

And I had just taken my business to its second year of seven figures in a year, done all of the things that I that I just talked about before. But I didn't feel successful. And that really bothered me. Because I should everything, like the life that I'm living now is the life I dreamt of. It's  everything that I created, and it really shook me that I said no. And I was like Why? And

really, the whole crux of it is I had no control over my time. To me a successful life is so much more than just the dollars. The dollars are in there for sure because that is a beautiful measure of success. And I am not one of these people that will tell you that money doesn't buy happiness. I have been broke. Oh my gosh does money make life easier which buys you things that can make you happy.


But in isolation on its own, like if you know, I'm working like 10 - 12 hour days, it doesn't matter how much money I'm making, life is shit. So I had to really look at it and go, this is not what I meant to do. This is not what I signed up for. I have made every decision that has caused me to be in this in this situation. So I need to figure out how to undo that, and that is hard. So one of the biggest things was one on one coaching and consulting to cut that right, right, right right back

to podcast interviews, masterclasses guest expert sessions, like all of it, cut it.


And see this is what I mean by that by the saying that I love what got me here won't get me there, is if you're in the first year to three years of your business like until you're getting to that seven figure a year kind of stage, you're doing a lot of consulting, you're doing a lot of one on one, you're doing a lot of things that are going to take your time, but then you'll reach a certain tipping point where you've got to switch all of that yes to No. And that is so much harder than it sounds because you work so hard to get the situation where you're saying yes. And now you're saying no to the very thing that you worked so hard to get. And that can be a bit of a mind stuff in there as well. You say I said mind-stuff. I'm really trying to do an episode that's not explicit, doesn't have swear language all through it. So I'm trying hard. So yes, so I have really gone inward, to question everything with how I want to do this going forward. Because, the pattern in my life is I have all these micro successes, and then self sabotage comes into it. And a lot of that is overwork. Overwork is like my default go-to, to sabotage my success. Because, well, I'm driven by by overwork, I feel validated by work, I get a lot of both internal and external validation by working. And it fuels me. And so it's not, it's not the healthiest thing to be fueled by and, you know, it's, it's something that I've really been trying to work on, and trying to introduce boundaries around it and trying to get a lot of coaching on and really trying to, I mean, I know the root cause of it. But trying to undo those belief systems. And I really believe that you can, you can decide to adopt a new belief in a heartbeat, but actually telling that to the rest of my body, because we just keep going back there, and I wake up, and I'm like, oh, we did it again.


Um, so you know, I've been doing bigger and bigger launches. And not feeling proud of that, and not feeling happy about that, because I let the other parts of my life fall down. And I do know that this this past year has been very different in terms of, you know, we haven't been out and about and the pandemics just, you know, thrown everything into disarray. But I want to make sure that in the future, I'm doing better. And so a lot of what I've been fueled by is fear. You know, if you've listened to me for a while, you know, my backstory. So I won't go into that, but I have this massive fear all the time that it's going to disappear, that I'm going to be broke again, because I do think that once you, once you kind of go through that, and really struggle through it, and once you lose everything, that there's always going to be a fear there that you're going to be back in that situation again, and then it's all going to dry up if you just take your foot off that accelerator for a moment. My accountant the other day, so I was having meeting with my accountant and he goes like, Why are you so like, Why are you so fueled by this? Like, you know, you can, you can slow down, like you can stop for a bit and just relax and recalibrate. It doesn't matter. And I'm like, you know what, Derek, that's exactly what I want to do is recalibrate. That's what I'm looking for. And he's like, well, how much do you need before you feel comfortable in doing that? I'm like, no debt, like the deed to my house, in my drawer, like nothing. All of my investments paid off like and he's just like, That's ridiculous.


And you know, we do have these ridiculous ideas, but at the same time, I was like, I can't feel safe without it. And that's not a great place to be fueled by I know that and I know it's both a blessing and a curse, I know that I have gotten to the level that I've got out got to now, because I'm so fueled by that, but also at the expense of what and and how much am I willing to sacrifice in in order to do that in a certain timeframe. So I'm trying to, you know, what, screw the swearing, I'm chilling, the fuck out.


I'm really, really gonna try. And you know, all of my, I have intentions, like I meditate a lot. I'm very self aware, I do a lot of personal development, as I'm sure you do, too. And I have intentions to come from a true place of service and growth. That is, where I want to come from that is the intention that I set every day serve and grow. But I am aware of my past and my trauma scars, and how that plays with my perception of self and how that can fuel me very unhealthily. By no means will I ever, you know, slow down to the point where I'm like, you know, I just want to spend all day in my garden, that will never be the case for me, because I do want growth and success. But what is success? So that's what I've been really kind of percolating on and going, what is that to me, and I don't want stagnation, I want to continue to grow and contribute to the world, but not at the cost of my own health and my own life. And this is where I need to find that balance. And this is where I need to architect my business in a way that will be able to serve that growth and that contribution to the world, but also look after my own mental and physical health and my own life and the values that are important to me. So one of those realisations was, I don't want a big team. Team is hard, really hard. You know, humans are an added layer of complexity and there's only so far you can get on your own. But you know, when I look at the different parts of my business, and how many people I'm going to need to support different growth areas, that has a lot to do with the strategy that I've chosen in the year ahead. So, I really was firm on I don't want to have a big team, I don't want it to be all consuming. So I love my business. I love playing the game, I love serving the people that I do, but I don't want it to fiil my whole life and be completely consumed by it, and think of nothing else. So I decided that in 2022, if it's not fun, we're not doing it. Simple as that. So one of those decisions, which was really hard was it's okay to leave money on the table. If you decide it doesn't fit with the way you want to feel, and what you want to do day to day. And that was one of the things for me with private coaching. So at one stage, I had a lot of coaching clients, but it's not fair to them when I'm tired to do that, because people are literally paying me for my ideas, and my strategy, and they need me on my game, and they named me on the ball. And so I decided, well, I'm just gonna have like three to five at one time. That's it, I'm gonna do two lots of 12-week blocks. And that's it in the year and the rest it's okay to leave that money on the table. It's okay to say no. And that's new for me guys.

That is new for me. Usually I'm like, Yes, I will die before I say no to something. And then I'm like, you know what, you may just die.


So I want you to look at that with your business to like, if you're just saying yes, I do believe that until you get to a position of financial health and a good level of profitability and sustainability, that you do need to say yes to things. One of my favourite Oprah quotes that I say all the time is, you know, do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. There's a certain part that you'll have to do that. But then when you get there, you've got to be able to recognise, okay, well, I can say no to that, if it's if it's not the way I want to feel every day, because we spend so long on focusing on the goals and the destination. But really, it's the day to day, that's the most important how you choose to spend your days. That's what actually makes our life and I'm really conscious of that, which is why every quarter and every year I sit down and really think about all of the things that I'm talking to you about right now. Am I doing this the best that I can, what do I need to forget and what do I need to adopt in order to be who I truly want to be in order to come back to who I was without all this fear without all the self doubt without all of these external influences kind of coming in. It doesn't matter about the destination, and then like suffering the whole time just to reach your goal, it has to work along the way. You need effort and struggle and suffering to get there. But it's no way to live an entire life. So, you know, for me, I was very consciously at the start just saying yes to everything, because I wanted to get to that certain place, but then you've got to recognise when you get to that certain place, it's okay. You can stop, you can follow what feels aligned to you. And this is one of the biggest things that I want to be able to tell you as well is no one knows the path for you, but you, people will will often come to me and go like Tina, what do you think I should do? And I'll give different options. Because and I know some people like just tell me, can you stop messing about just tell me what should I do?


People don't like to make decisions. But this is your life, you will only be happy if you are steering that ship. If you are making the decisions with how you spend your days, if you are deciding this is what I want to do. And it's okay to change paths and alter your direction for that next season. I see way too many people like hold on to something that's no longer aligned for them. Because they want to save face in a way or maybe you're they're going well I can't cut that I've put so much effort into it that now if I cut it, like what a waste, because it's not everything that you've done, will contribute to where you're going in the future, everything. Like sometimes we can do things that seem like they were a waste of time, or they were off course or or whatever it is. But it'll come back to you where you're like, Ha, if I hadn't done that thing, I wouldn't have been able to do what I was doing now as well or I wouldn't have had that experience that shaped me that's able to help me contribute to that person or whatever it is like everything is working for you. I only get off track when I'm too busy to listen to my own intuition. That's that's often what happens when I when you have those moments, and you've probably had them too I've had them several times in my life where I kind of, you know, wake up and I'll go, how did this happen?


It's because we end up in these periods where everything's so busy, and so hectic, and we can't think straight, and we've quietened down that intuitive voice within us and just kind of told her to shut up for a bit and stopped listening. When you come back to that, that is when the magic starts happening. And you know, we're conditioned to ignore it. But, when you ignore it for too long, you'll have those days where you wake up, and you'll wonder how you got here. And so everyone gets off track everyone, never feel like it's just you.


Life is a constant stream of getting off track, and then recalibrating, getting off track and recalibrating. Like constantly. That's the fun of it. And so rather than stew on it, decide what you want to do next go, Alright, if we're looking at 2022, what do I want that to look like? How do I want to feel? What do I want to do day to day, who do I want to work with? And then make some strong decisions, decide what you're going to do for that next season. It doesn't have to be forever, and so many people are like, is that what I want to do with my life? Take the pressure off, take the pressure off, it's just the next chapter. None of us know where we're going to be in the next five years or 10 years, we can only really like even throughout the year things will ebb and flow. Like who knows what, if anything of the last couple of years has taught us we don't know.

And so just decide what you want to do for that next season. Then make the strong decisions for that and commit to a better practice and just get on with it. I want to answer when someone says do you feel successful? I want to say yes, yes, this is my picture of success. Which means that I need to have control over my time. And I need to let go of the fear that I can't sustain it.

And that's a big one for me. Because feeling proud of myself internally is not something that I am comfortable with yet. I was actually like watching a girl the other day on an IG live and she was talking about how proud she was about what she'd done and I was a little triggered. I was like oh wow, wow. Like Never have I gone, I am so proud of me that it's just not something that I have been comfortable with because it was a feeling that I was raised with was bad. You know, pride is not a good feeling to have. I was very much raised, which I know a lot of people in my generation, were like, Don't get too big for your boots, you know, just just don't outshine everyone, do your best, like win, or you're worthless, but also, don't get too big.


It's this real lot of mind fuckery to try and try and go, you know what, I've done something pretty good. And I'm proud of that, and just let that be. So I've added that into my daily affirmations to really try and try and get through into that as well. I need it so that I don't seek success at my own expense. That's really what I want to be very careful with, because I've been there before with adrenal fatigue and burnout. I have the tendency to get myself straight back into that same situation. It's one of those things that I'm like, oh, Tina, you should know better.

But it's all a work in progress. Anyway, so what I'm trying to do is going alright, everything I am doing is working. 

Everything, it's all from a business point of view, it's all working, it's not going anywhere, all my dreams have come true, I have literally created the life of my dreams, I still wake up with anxiety, I still have loads of negative thoughts, I still have struggles and problems. But that's because I'm a human being, that stuff is not going to go away. It's still going to experience all of that. And that's okay, I've totally accepted that part. I love growth, I've dedicated my life and effort to growing my business. Now, my biggest growth area is actually for 2022 not how much I can grow my revenue, not how much I can grow my profitability, not how big my launches can be. But my biggest area  of growth that I'm focusing on is whether I can actually grow to take care of myself for the long run, and live a life with boundaries that’s sustainable. Now that it's going to be revolutionary, if I can figure that out, and find the difference between using power and not force. This was something that really came up for me when I was starting to really analyse what was going on is, is it's always this force, it's always, you know, like no matter what I will do it and this, this whole big driving force behind everything. And I believe in using our power, our personal power to do that, but not forcing it. So my plan for 2022 is to have fun to run this business, how I want to run it, and to actually see if it's possible for me to run it how I want to run it. And that is going to be very different because I am very good at building a million dollar business, very good at it. And I think anyone can work hard enough to build a million dollar business. Definitely. You can do it. You can do it solo, you can you can definitely work your way to a million dollar a year.


What I don't think is possible is to work your way to a $5 million a year. I just you will

like crumble. It's too much. And you know, I've got some really great friends that are living very unconventional lives. There's Denise Duffield-Thomas, there's Leonie Dawson who I had on the podcast last week who made me think of so many different things that we've had conversations since with me going, how do you do this? Like, what do you do? My friend, Clint Salter, who has Dance Studio Owners Association, he has a $3 million a year membership. You know, he's not in the day to day admin of his business at all. He's the big picture thinker, the creative, which is where my genius lies, my skill set is in like I can do every small thing in the business and sometimes it's a curse, because I can get stuck in all that admin stuff. But I have people for that and so I need to let them do their jobs so that I can focus on the creative the big things, getting my head back up in the clouds literally like I'm getting in a plane and getting back up in the clouds

and I look at that and I go if they can do that, why can't I? Like I'm here going yeah, but is that possible? Well they've made it possible. And so for you with whatever way you are wanting to work I don't know the same thing was for me when I started in online courses, and I could see all these people talking about seven figures and seven figures is just like a number. But it was a milestone to me and I wanted to go okay, how long is it going to take me to get there. My goal was to take three years to get to that million dollars a year and for that, I was like, how can you do that? Because in my service based business, it took me seven years, and the profitability was still quite low in relation to online business. So I was looking at that and going well, let's find all the examples of people that are proving my beliefs wrong, because I want to have that belief. And so I look at it and I look at all these people and study all these people, and then like, went and did that thing. And so now I'm doing the same thing, but with our new strategy of building is going okay, let's look at the people that are doing 5 million and 10 million, and that aren't working, like 30 hours a week on zoom, like, seriously.


So they can do that. Why can’t I? And so, I will no longer be live launching Her Empire Builder, the doors will not open publicly in 2022. That does not mean that I don't want to grow it. It definitely will. It is my signature program. Her Empire Builder is what I feel I was put on this earth to do it is my life's purpose. I had a business coach that said, so you want to get to 100, Why not 500 members. And I really thought about that, like I thought about that for a long time and looked at it from a strategic point of view isn't going like we could scale it to 500 members for sure. But for me, that's not my priority, especially right now. Because I look at that, and I go Her Empire Builder is a really high touch point program. I know our members really well I answer every question, there's never a question every week that is left unanswered, we have a lot of different touch points, a lot of live events, a lot of virtual events, a lot of things go into that. And I knew that if I forced like back to that power, not force, if I really pushed it, I could probably get next year to 300 members and I looked at that and went is that the way that I want to spend my time? Is that going to be the best thing for our business going forward. And then I would need more team members to look after all the customer service and to do more admin side, and look maybe down the track, that might be the way but for next year, that is not the way. So the way that you'll get into Her Empire Builder, if you going oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I wanted to get into Her Empire Builder, we're not closing it, it’s still going to grow, I'm just not going to push its growth like I have in 2021. 

So in 2021, I knew I wanted to get to the tipping point of 100 members, because 100 members, it's a beautiful sized group, everyone can know each other, we can have our team pods, it's really great for live events, like a hundred is just a really nice size group. I know everybody like I just love it. So the way that you'll get into Her Empire Builder is a graduate of Limited Launch Formula. So Limited Launch Formula is my course on how to supercharge live launches. And so we will replace because we've always done two live launches a year. And that's been with Her Empire Builder. But now we're going to switch that out. And instead of live launching her Empire Builder, we're going to take Limited Launch Formula from evergreen and live launch that one. So we're going to live launch that one in April and September. One of the reasons that that we'll do it is because that's endlessly scalable. We could have 10,000 people take that course. And it would still be fine from a running of the business point of view without having to grow our team with that. 

So you know, we're going to do that in April and September. And then when they've completed that program and got a launch under your belt, you'll be able to apply for Her Empire Builder and jump in that way. And we'll also do some email only offers for our like email subscribers and our database in there. All of our live launch effort will go to Limited Launch Formula because it also doesn't have an application process. So when you're thinking about doing your live launches,

live launching was the right way to launch Her Empire Builder because live launching always gets more than evergreen, always like I have never seen anybody do better results with evergreen than a live launch which is why I love Limited Launch Formula. But, when we do Her Empire Builder because it's got the application process in there. It's it's a full bottleneck. It slows people down because that's a big thing. So you know, people don't get excited hear me on a live and go oh my god, I'm joining boom, boom, and they're in, they've got to do an application, they got to fill that all in, they've got to have a phone call with me like it's a process. And I like that it's a process because I like being able to talk to people before they become members because it's a big relationship and it's a commitment and all of that sort of thing. Whereas, Limited Launch Formula, you can just jump in, get it done and go. So that is why we're switching to that because I've got it to my goals. So now we're going to change up change up the strategies.

And then for my evergreen programs, I'll be doing some new mini courses. So we've got one coming on building your personal brand when you first coming out of the gate and going, Okay, I have a list of zero. How do I start getting on podcasts? And how do I start, you know, building a name for myself and getting some social media attraction and what is a personal brand and all of that sort of things for the beginning. And then another one called, Fun with Funnels.

And Fun with Funnels was actually a program that I talked about in my book, Million Dollar Micro Business, when I wrote it at the end of 2020, because it was supposed to be launched at the start of 2021, before the book came out. But, I have been so busy doing coaching, and all of the high touch point stuff that I actually haven't had any time to develop the new programs. So I will be pulling back from your all the one on one and face to face stuff so that I can spend more time creating and behind the scenes and dreaming up big things and making really cool stuff. Which is really, you know, what I absolutely love to do is to make things that you can use, and then make it super simple for you to implement into your business. So fun with funnels will be coming out. And if anyone watches the Big Bang Theory, it was named from Sheldon's fun with flags.

So I'll be sticking with my at the beginning of this year, we made the intention, I don't know if I've talked about it on the podcast or not, I can't remember, but I will talk about it in my next episode on boundaries. But one of the things that we decided was that I would work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I would take Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. And while those four days aren't always like off days, in the traditional sense, their days, like you know, even just yesterday, which was Friday was the day I had technically off. I'm like ‘inverted commas’ fingers right now off. But I spent it listening to podcasts and reading business books and writing notes from that. And so while it's off, it's helping me develop the business and helping me make it sustainable and helping me to create cool stuff that's going to serve our clients. I need that time. And if I'm not off my computer, you don't get that time. So make sure that when you're working, like you've got working time, like on the tools time, but you've also got time to think as well.


And so we'll be doing that, and one week off a month. And next year, I'll be travelling a tonne. Like, I cannot wait to be unleashed on the world again. So, you know, I've got six weeks, seven weeks, I think planned in March, April in all throughout the US and Central America, which is so fun. And I just can't wait. And so for you with your launches, when you're looking at next year, I don't have the answer on how you should launch which is why at the very beginning, I said to you, you know this isn't going to be do this many evergreens and then switch to this many live launches, and then switch this many, like every business is different and your priorities are different. One of the reasons I wanted to share my priorities and my strategy behind it today was because I wanted you to see why I've made the decisions that I make so that you can kind of go Alright, well, it's okay for me to make my own decisions in my own business and design what's right for me and my family right now. It's even when you know, when I had small children, I made very different decisions to what I make now that I have teenage children, and then in another 10 years time I'll have adult children and make so different decisions again, then you'll be lucky to find me in an office at home ever. So, you know, no one has the answer for how you should do it and make sure you're never asking anybody and wanting them to give you a definitive answer. If someone tells you this is the only way to do it. Run in the other direction.


Because there's different things for different times of your life are different seasons for different priorities for you know, there's some times where you're like, you know what, this is my time to sprint, this is my time where all I need is revenue, maybe you're saving a house deposit or something's happening in life that you need a cash injection, that you're like, you know what, I'm happy to go 10 hour days for the next three months and just get this shit done. And just make some profit. If that's the season, like go for it. But that's not sustainable. So you need to sprint and rest and sprint and rest and what the trap that we get into because what makes us really good entrepreneurs is that we're intrinsically motivated. We’re intrinsically motivated to work when no one's watching, we’re willing to do the hard things. We’re willing to embrace the struggle. And that's what makes us so good at what we do. But it's also what will be our demise. So you’ve got to find that balance. There’s no one right way to run your business, there is no success path. That is the only way. And that is the best thing about business is it can be morphed and changed and designed perfectly for you. You get to choose, what do I want to do next? Who do I want to be? What beliefs do I want to have? What challenge do I want to embrace? What area do I want to grow? And you get to decide that. So the answer is within you. So please, if you've listened to this, and something's triggered you for 2022 let me know on Instagram, like share this episode on Instagram, tag me @tina_tower.  If you want to send me a private message, I would love to know what your priority is for 2022. Because I love to hear what you're up to what you're thinking, like, what challenges are you trying to overcome? What season are you going in to, because always remember, what got you here won't get you there. And so, you know, there's definitely if you're in the early days, do not think that like everything that I've just said in terms of I'm trying to change into this work less model, so that I can like slow down to speed up. I not for a second think that I could do that at the beginning, I hear some people that you know, work 10 hour weeks, and you get their team to do a lot of stuff. And they're like, you know, no one should burn out. And we shouldn't do this at the expense of our life. And I'm totally on board with that, obviously. But you will not be able to build a seven figure business that super successful and super sustainable for year after year, decade after decade by like just doing the bare minimum, like it's just not possible, you've got to at the beginning, work your tushie off, and if someone looks like they're not working there tushie off, they're either paying a massive amount of money and making no profit for the team to do that, or they're lying. And so I don't want you to think that the start is supposed to be easy, because it's not. And the way that you make it easy is to accept the struggle is to go you know what I know I have to do this. That Oprah quote i said before, do what I have to do so that I can do what I want to do. So get your get your things in line, figure out what that next thing is for you. That's going to be that next challenge for you in that next season and make those strong, bold decisions and do the things so then you can get there and go, okay, what's next? How am I going to do this so that I can live the life that's going to serve me right now. Anyway, this episode went for a little bit longer than what I intended. But, hopefully it was super helpful to you have the most beautiful day, get your head up in the clouds because you as the course creator, you as the entrepreneur, you are the visionary. And sometimes we can get stuck too much in our inbox, in the overwhelm of everything that we have to do in life in business, and the massive responsibility that's sitting on your shoulders right now. But if it weighs you down too much, you forget why it is that you're doing, what you're doing and what you're fueled by and the contribution that you can make in this world. And so take a bit of a break, get your head up in the clouds and think about what it is, that's really important to you and what it is that you really want to do. And go do that thing.


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