Ep116 What it takes to run a million dollar online course business

Want to know the 10 things that will help you to create a million dollar online course business? I’ve got them all wrapped up for you so that it’s not a matter of if, but when.In this podcast episode I am running through the 10 things that will make the biggest difference to your growth and some may not be what you’d think!
Tune in at all of the places podcasts live. The podcast episode will tell you the “What you need to consider”. If you want the “How to do it”, check out my Mastermind where we’re all about helping you to create a million dollar online course business. herempirebuilder.com

In this episode, you will learn: 

  •  10 things that will make the biggest difference in your business
  • What you can learn inside the Her Empire Builder Mastermind to implement all the things
  • The importance of nurturing yourself, your customers & your network
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Show Transcription: 

Hey friends, want to know the 10 things that will help you to create a million dollar online course


I've got them all wrapped up for you so that it's not a matter of if, but when. Let's get into it.


Hello, and welcome to Episode 116 of her Empire Builder. Today, I am talking about what it takes to run a million dollar online course business because it's one of those questions that I get asked all the time. And I want to be able to answer it for you. I've distilled it down to the top 10 things that it takes to create a million dollar online course business because there are so many people out there with online courses, and so many people trying so hard and missing different things. And I always say about online courses. It is simple, but it's not easy. And so what I want to go through is the simple steps that you can take to be able to run your own million dollar online course business. It's one of the missions that I have in life as well is to be able to help other women get there because Still, the percentage of women that are at the top is abysmally low. So I want to be able to help that to to grow and to get right up there. And my goal with the mastermind that I run Her Empire Builder, is to have 100 women in my course, all making a million dollars a year by 2025. So there's a bit of work to do between now and then. But there's different steps that we can take to get it.


Alright, so there's 10 different steps that I'm going to run through. And number one, sounds simple. You know what they all sound simple, but they're not easy. So here it is, number one, have a great product and offer. So so many times I see people create their office with something that is more clever than simple. So you want to have super simple clarity so that when people see your offer, when people see you talk about what it is that you are selling what you've packaged, that they know exactly what that transformation promise is, that they know exactly what they're going to get when they see you advertise your course, or your membership or your programme or whatever it is that they go, Okay, I know you're going to get me from point A to point B, these are what those points are. And this is why I need it. So it's having super, super clear and clarity on that. And then it's making sure that it's something that people want. So sometimes people will will say that they want different things or think that they want different things. But it's not actually it's not actually something that people are looking for right now or something that people are willing to spend their money on. So you've got to make sure that, you know, sometimes in our minds, we can package things and we think this is exactly what my target market needs, this is what they need, this is what I'm going to be able to deliver to them. But unless it's something that causes people to go, oh my gosh, this is exactly what I need right now. It's not gonna work as well. And sometimes that takes testing and measuring different offers before you get the right blend before you get the right kind of wording in there and the right price point and the right whole package altogether. So if it's not selling how you want it to sell, it's highly likely that it's not something that people are seeking out right now. So have a play with it and keep experimenting until you get that. The other one is to make sure that it's priced correctly. So you know pricing in online courses is so hard and you're there's a whole episode on pricing your online program. But when it comes to pricing, you don't want it too high. But also you don't want it too low. You can do just as much damage with having it too low as you can having it too high. Because low is perceived as Super dodgy.

People will look at it and go, what value could I possibly be able to get if it's priced this low so it's a sign of you know, you're not respecting your content. And so you have to be Able to price it accordingly with the value proposition that you're doing. So it's really looking at what are people willing to pay? What are they expecting to pay, and then what is the value that you're providing people. So it's often much, much easier to price. Something that's b2b. So for my program, for example, I'm selling to business owners. And I know that through my content, business owners can make a hell of a lot of money from implementing the things that I'm teaching. So it's much easier to charge a premium price for that, because people are going to be able to make a lot of dollars from it in return, it's a lot harder when you're doing something in say, the health space, or you're doing something in parenting or wellness, where it's super, super important, but people aren't going to get a monetary return. So you're kind of capped on what you're able to charge for that. So it's all taking that into consideration and testing and measuring until you get the perfect mix. So the first thing number one is having a great product and offer with a great price, super clear on what your offer is. And it's something that people want, and that you're providing a massive value with that transformation promise. So always no matter what it is, your customers always need to be left feeling like no matter what they're paying, no matter what they're getting, this was one of the most valuable things they have ever got in their life. If you can have that, then you'll always be successful and grow because it doesn't matter, A lot of people think online business is really different to traditional business that it is, you know, it obviously has its major differences. But the thing it has like super in common is it's still word of mouth, it's still reputational spread, and that doesn't go away, because it's online, if anything, it's enhanced. So when people are getting great results in your programme that's going to spread to other people as well. So that's number one.


Number two is to know your tech. Now I talked to so many people that go, I just don't understand it. I just want to be the thought leader. But I don't want to do any of the back end, I had a lady once email me and say, can you, I don't want you to teach me how to do any of it. I just need someone that can run all the launches, all the funnels, or the pipelines or the back end, I don't want anything to do with it at all. Now that woman is never going to be successful. Because she's not famous enough to be, you know, if you're Oprah Yes, you can get away with doing that. But if you're not, if you look at all of the best people in the online course space, so look at Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, they don't do it themselves now. But they all know the tech, they all know what's going on, they all started it themselves, they know every lever to pull, they know what their team is doing what they need to be doing. And they understand all of it. And you have to too. So this is your job, this is your business, you can't take little bits of it and not the other parts, you do need to know the tech. And if you don't know the tech, it's your responsibility to learn it, you need to be able to because you won't have these ideas unless you know it. So if you're sitting there and you're talking about customer journey, and how you can enhance the customer journey, you don't know, if you don't know the tech, you can't say well, I want to do this step in this funnel, or I want to introduce this into the pipeline here, you won't know all of those different areas. And so you've got to spend the time and the thing is now in this day and age with the software and technology that we have available to us, oh my gosh, it is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful that you actually don't need any like super duper tech knowledge to be able to understand the software and everything that goes on behind the scenes to run an online course business.

But, putting your head in the sand and going I don't want to know any of that is not going to do you absolutely any favours at all. So number two, know the tech understand it, know how to do it. If you need to know how to do it, come on into her Empire Builder, I'll teach you.


Number three is show up and serve on purpose. You cannot hide, don't hide from the world, or you literally will be the world's best kept secret. I see people all the time that are so smart and have so much knowledge and have so much expertise. And they've developed the most incredible programmes. And it is a secret. Nobody knows that it exists. And I always look at it and go, Oh my gosh, if people could just find this and go through it, it would be the most incredible thing. But the only one that can promote your business is you. The best person to promote your business is you. I am not a fan of throwing bucket loads of cash at advertising, whether that be traditional advertising or especially in terms of Facebook advertising. I see so many people try and build their businesses like that and they just throw a bucketload of money at it and they can get good results but you're also having a really high cost there and you're dealing with a lot of people People that are not your ideal customers. So you end up being inundated with all sorts of customer service things and all different things going on. But you're not necessarily getting that return. So if you are showing up and serving people, then you're able to appeal to people, human to human, and you're able to connect with your right audience, which means that you're going to get a better response. And you don't have to spend all that money on Facebook advertising. But you do need to show your face. And I know that that can be really hard sometimes. I mean, I feel it still now. I'm very used to building business through personal brand I've been, I've been doing it, oh my gosh, this is how old I am. I've been doing it for 17 years. It's a bit scary. But it's been a long time. And there's still points where I go, oh, like I do want to hide some days. And those days, you know what you just hide, but then you do have to show up, you have to show up and you have to connect with your customers, you need to show your humanity and who you are, so that you can attract your tribe. So when you look at it, now we live in a very, very crowded market, you know, your customers have an abundance of choice. I mean, if I look at my business, there's literally 1000s of people that could say they do the same thing that I do. But do they do it the same as I do?

No, of course not. Do it your competitors do it the same as you do? Definitely, definitely not. So your customers will choose you over the 55 other people because there's something about your vibe that makes sense to their vibe. So there was there was a speaker I saw once called Amanda Gave. And she spoke about sparkly bits. And she was like there's all of this stuff that goes on behind the scenes where when you're talking to someone, you've got sparkly bits that stand up and their sparkly bits stand up. And you don't know why. But your sparkly bits talk to their sparkly bits. And your sparkly bits will either say Oh, I like this person, I like what they got going on, or your sparkly bits will say run, I don't like them. And you won't really be able to articulate why. But there's something in their sparkly bits that don't talk to each other. And so the only way your customers can really make that decision is if you show up and show you sparkly bits and know that some people are going to vibe with it and love it and some people are not and that's okay. You don't have to be all things to all people. I mean, I get people say to me, you know, your giggle is annoying. Fine, tune out, like don't listen to it's totally fine. I'm not going to stop giggling to look after the negative Nellies, it's not going to happen. So show your vibe so that you can show up serve really, really well and attract the right people into your group. Okay, so that's number three.


Number four is to build your profile and credibility, which kind of feeds on from number three. So how you actually enhance, being able to go, you know, what I'm the person to choose over these 55 other people is by enhancing your credibility, and there are so many ways to be able to do that, you know, it's being on other people's podcasts, having your own podcast, writing articles, writing books, running webinars, doing speeches from live stages, positioning yourself as the thought leader in the expert in your industry. So you want people when they're talking about whatever it is in your industry to be the go to person to be that person that other people are going off, you're talking about that, hey, Samantha is the person to go to for that Jen's the person to go to for all the things health and wellness, you know, you want to be able to, to for people to register you as the expert in your space. And the way you do that is by showing up again and again. And positioning yourself in that way a little bit of an example for that was you know, for years and years, I was the tutoring lady. I had tutoring centres, I grew tutoring centres. And then I started franchising. And then I became the franchising lady, Ah, that's the lady that has all those franchises. Then when I sold that, and I went into online courses, I had this massive personal brand issue because I ran that company for 13 years. So a really long time too. And I put a lot of effort into building that personal brand to then like completely reinvent. But the thing is, if you've got that to build on, and you talk about it enough, and you show up enough and talk about it in all the different places where all your people are, it's amazing how quickly it changes. And now every day, I get people saying Oh, so and so told me to come to you because you're the person in the know about online courses. And that doesn't take very long if you show up in all the right places and serve people. And so you really got to focus on building that profile and building that credibility because you've got to be that go to person when people have a choice to go You're the one that they trust the most to deliver on that transformation promise that you've put together right back in point one when you had your ideal product and offer. So that's number four.


Okay, number five is partnering with other businesses. So I just mentioned then a couple of referrals and this is where that kind of fades into it is connecting with others. So always going, Okay, who are the other businesses that have the same target market that I do that has the same customer base that I do, that I want to be able to connect with, and we can help each other to grow. So always look at it in a win win situation, or better than that, look at it in a way of going, how can I be generous and help somebody else, because the law of reciprocity comes into play. So when you start helping other people and building other people, and being kind and being generous, that will come back, it comes back when you least expect it can go, you know, that will all kind of flow back to you. So always having that win win situation, or always just going if there is something in a situation you go, you know what, I know the right person for that, an example of this. So I'm publishing my upcoming book, which comes out in July. It's called million dollar micro business. And my publisher asked me, hey, next year, I want to be able to put out a book for mums in business. Do you know any great mums in business? And so I was like, hell yeah, there's a couple of people in my programme that serve mums. So I was able to get them, recommend them for that. And they're like, Oh, my gosh, this is incredible, I never would have got an opportunity like this had you not put my name forward. Now, there's nothing in that for me now. But those people now hold me in such high esteem. And their gratitude is so high that if anything else comes back, and they're looking for someone with that the first person they're going to think of is me. And so that happens all the time. And it's not saying that, you know, you only do things because you're going to get it back in return later. But it's just knowing that this is how the world all goes round. In going, you do so much better to collaborate over compete, the more you can put other people forward for things, the more you can lift others up, the more you too, will also rise. So it's working out who can you partner with how can you help others to grow, and knowing that it's going to help you grow at the same time as well. So figure out some partners for your business, and be super kind and generous. Never bad mouth, anyone is another one on that as well. You never know who's connected to someone else. So I know sometimes people can do some really dodgy stuff. You know, there's been different people in my programme that have ripped off different things I've done or different copycats, or slanted in some way, and everything kind of comes back around. So always remember to just just be just be nice.

It'll all work out.


Okay, so that's number five, going into number six, look after your energy. Now, I do think that even a thought leader based business. So anyone that's running online programmes, you're in a thought leader based business no matter what industry you're in, because it's not, it's not a traditional business in the sense that you're hiding behind a brand name, people are buying you, you're the performer, you're the person that's there with all the knowledge, the most valuable resource that you have inside your business is your energy, you are the one that has to show up. And you're the one that has to be able to serve people and do the things that nobody else can do. And so it's getting help to be able to do that, because it is impossible to do all the things. And this is why I'm really passionate about helping women in particular becoming millionaires is because women often don't, because they're lumped with the mental load of the rest of life. So even the women, and you know, I've been the breadwinner of my family for a very long time. And a lot of the women I know are the breadwinners of their family just because they're the circles that I go in. But still, it's amazing how many women are the breadwinners, in terms of they're the full time workers, but they're also carrying the mental load for, you know, all the household admin in terms of like at the insurance is paid the rates, the mortgage, the kids schooling stuff, their school uniforms, like all of the other things that go on with the pet. So whenever they go into the fence, like all of that stuff, you need to get help. So you know, whatever that looks like for you, whatever takes your energy or makes you feel like you would be so freed up if you got the Help is going to help you to thrive in your business. Because sometimes we can look at things and go it's an expense. But at the same time, what does it allow you to do so as an example to to make you feel less bad or guilty about doing this for yourself, because I know that's a really common thing from women. So every week I have a gardener that comes he does the mowing, and the hedges and the whipper snippering and all of the different things and that costs me $160 and then I have a cleaner that comes before hours every week. So that's $140 and she kind of goes between the house and the office as well to keep all of that then I get my laundry picked up. So every week, we do The beds sheets the towels, the cleaner pulls that all off and just puts them into laundry bags and leaves them on the veranda, along with all of my clothes. So my husband and my kids wash their own clothes, everyone's responsible for doing their own. But for mine, I'm not going to do that I'm not going to stand their waste anytime I'm doing laundry and drying and folding, I just there's better things for me to do my job. And so that all goes in bags on the veranda and someone comes and picks it out. And they wash it for $19 a load and then fold it all press it or bring it back and left to do is hanging up in my wardrobe. So doing things like that, yes, it's an expense. But spending that I think I spend 350 $400 a week on that household help allows me to then not have the mental load of the different things that are hanging over me that I have to do when I finish work, I can really then walk into the house show up as my best self and be a great mom and be a great partner without worrying about all of the other things that I have to do. And you know, I know some women absolutely love to do that, because it's kind of like space where they can think and do different things. So if you love it, do it. But if you don't love it, outsource it, get someone else to do it, because that's what's going to allow you to rise and to make more money in less time. So outsource that, and then look at the same thing in work as well. So we're going to talk about team next. But outsource things that are taking too much of your time or too much mental load. And then there's your health too, you've got to look after your health and ways of going, how can you get more energy in your day is often doing the simple things that we know we need to do like yoga and meditation and whatever it is that serves you. But your energy is the most valuable thing because if you break, you can't look after anybody. So you've got to be able to look after that. Because what we do is such an energy exchange, I'm always like super perplexed, in going, I can talk in or I can sit and talk, it really shouldn't take that much energy, but doing coaching sessions, and presenting and speaking, whether it's on stage or whether it's virtual is a massive energy exchange, you're giving a lot of energy out. And you'll find that when you do that you kind of get off and you're like, Ah, you know, it's really exhausting. And so you need to be able to identify, when does your energy get depleted? And how can you feel that back up so that you can show up and do the things that you have to do in your business, otherwise, you'll just hit burnout, or you'll stop the growth of your business. So you won't go as high and most people will get around 200,000 before they hit this point and go, Okay, do I really want to give them a go much bigger, because I don't know if I can handle any more, you know,


I don't have enough time and energy as it is. That's what runs out for people. So I want you to protect your energy. So that you go you know what a seven figure business is realistic for me, I have an abundance of energy, I can handle that shit, I can do it. And if you don't have joy in your heart when you do it, remember that this is supposed to be fun. So so often, it can seem like such a big deal. The stakes can seem so high. And I know sometimes they are I've been in the situation where I've been in business and going, you know what I have to I have to make this money or we're not going to make the mortgage this month, you know. So sometimes the stakes are high, but it is supposed to be fun. You know where we're not operating on people. We're not surgeons, where we're doing things in business that are supposed to give more light to the world that is supposed to give more joy that is supposed to give more freedom to other people. And so remembering what it would look like if it was easy. How do you get that joy and that flow and that calm? And often that's just a change of mindset and going you know what, I'm not going to choose this struggle anymore. I'm going to let go of the struggle. And I'm going to go, you know what, this is supposed to be fun. All right, I'm going to relax a little, I'm going to have fun with it. I'm going to experiment, I'm going to see what happens. So usually I find one of the biggest things that holds people back is their mindset. So if you're finding that, you know, when I've talked about any of this, it's triggered anything, do some work on your mindset, really figure out how you can get that working for you as well. Okay, so that's number six.


Number seven is get a team. So obviously at the start, we have to do most things ourselves because you don't have enough money to be able to invest in team. But as soon as you do 20% is always my guide. So as soon as you're into profit, you want to work out 20% of revenue. So top line revenue, you want to start allocating to Team whether that's going to start as an outsource team, and then when you can afford it getting someone in house as an assistant because you'll always get more bang for your buck. And you'll always get someone more dedicated if you've got someone in house. So you want to get that as much as you can. You know one of my favourite Oprah quotes is do what you have to until you can do what you want to. And at the beginning a lot of people will be grudge going, Oh my gosh, there's so much to do. Like I see all these people saying outsource it, get a team do all this but I can't afford it. And the thing is, I think some people do outsource too early. I think at the beginning you just have to you know, get down into it and get stuff done and then get into profit as quickly as possible by serving people to a super high level, and then you can start to go, Okay, how can I spend that 20% and getting people that can help me? So one of my favourite books that I've just read recently is called Clockwork by Mike Mikawaitz. Yeah, that's it. And in it, he uses the analogy of the queen bee. So talking about the queen bee in the beehive and going okay, you can tell why that analogy would appeal to me. But in the in his book, he talks about, you know, there's, there's the role of the Queen Bee, and then all the other bees in the hive, the hundreds and hundreds of other bees are there to enable the queen bee to do her role. And there's certain things in your business that only you can do that if you stepped out of doing them, the business would never perform as well. And so it's working out what are those roles? What is your role that is key to you that only you can do? And only you will do until you decide to no longer do this business? And then one by one working out all the other things? And going okay, how can I outsource them one at a time? And so it's working out? What are those tasks that I need to outsource? How can I make a system for that so that it's done to the standard that I want you because so many people will outsource things and then go off, they don't do it as well as me, I may as well just do it all myself. It's only because you got shitty systems make better systems. So then you can outsource everything so that you can get to the point where you going, you know what, all I have to do is come in, show up and do the queen bee role. That's where you want to get to eventually. But you know what, you won't even get to that until you pass the million. On that way, there's still so much that you have to do yourself, and then it's one by one giving that away. Okay, so that is number seven.


Number eight, is sell. Selling is not a dirty word. There are so many women in particular that I work with that go, Oh, I just hate selling. Um, that comes back to mindset circle back to mindset and go, you know, if you're feeling like that, that's something that you need to work on. So my friend Colin Boyd has this quote that he puts everywhere called selling is serving. And I love that. Because if you've got people that are out there right now, like I'll use the analogy of Her Empire Builder. So my mastermind is designed for the business behind online courses. So we work on everything that I'm talking about here working on how to do team, how to look after your finances, how to build profit, how to build your profile, how to run webinars, how to do launches, like all of that sort of stuff. So it's hugely valuable. And I go, there's women right now out there that would benefit so much from being able to have access to all of that knowledge, all of the support with the other women, everything that goes on there that would enable her to grow like 10 times faster than what she would alone. But if I didn't sell it, if I didn't decide to go all in, then she misses out on that. And so the way that I can best serve is to present my offer to people so that they can then make the decision, do I want that? Or do I not want that, I'm not going to make that decision for them by not putting the offer there, I'm going to be brave enough to put the offer out there. And then people can make that decision. Do I want that or not? So many people though, don't put the offer out there to begin with. And you've made the mind up for them. So you want to remember to sell to ask for the sale. So when you're on Instagram, you're doing Instagram lives to direct people where you want to go in your Instagram links, making sure you have things to be able to buy when you're doing a lead magnet, thinking of the customer journey and going okay, so when they download that lead magnet, how many emails you're going to send after and which email is going to ask them to buy the next thing from you. So always knowing what that next step is for your customer and going you know what, if you want to take this further, this is where you can go, these are the next steps. There is nothing wrong with being able to say that it is not dirty, it is not sales, sleazy. It's merely going here's all the stuff, this is what I can do for you. If you want it, this is where to go. If you don't, no problem, just take my free stuff and move on. You know, it's totally, totally fine. The other thing that I want to be able to say on this point is ask should be paid. So so many women that I talked to and they go you know, they get hit up all the time going, can I just pick your brain for a minute, I love what you do, can I pick your brain saying no to the pick your brains it's just you've got to have boundaries in there because there's only so much time in a day and you're as I said, your energy is so important to protect. So the way that you actually get over that is by having the option there of if people want to pick your brain if they just want that one off session. You have that there as a paid offer. So always inside my short courses in the sidebar is the button to say hey want a one on one strategy. Call Click here, that will then take them to the checkout to pay for that one on one call. And then it'll take them to my calendly link where they booked in their session. So that's right there. We also have it on the website, one on one on one call here, booking for one of one on one, one off call. And that makes it really easy for my assistant. Because when they get when I get Instagram messages from people saying, Hey, can I jump on the phone with you for 20 minutes and ask a couple of questions, she can hit back with that and go short, no worries, great to chat, if you want to chat, here's how you can do it. And having that there. Otherwise, literally, I would spend all day every day on free calls with people. And the thing is, sometimes sales calls work, you know, sometimes it's worth showing up and serving people in that way. But having the offer there allows you to pick and choose who you're willing to do that for and who you're not. Because there is a huge segment of the population that will literally milk all your free stuff and never pay you anything ever.

And so you want to be able to discern between those two groups. And that allows you to do that so that you're not wasting all that time. Okay, so that's number eight.


Number nine, is surround yourself with people who lift you up. When you are around other people that are kicking ass, it inspires you to kick ass to when you're around other people that make your dreams feel like they're too big, it makes you think that maybe I am shooting too high. Maybe I am like aiming too much. And maybe I should do it down a little bit like who do I even think I am doing that. So you don't want to spend too much time in those orbits. And I know for a lot of people you know, that could be family, you have no choice in the matter there. But if that's what you're stuck with, then you want to make sure that you're putting yourself into other circles that are there to lift your lift you up. It's the reason I've always had business coaches, I've always been part of group coaching programmes, I've always been part of masterminds, I always go to massive conferences. I mean, right now, I would be heading off to Texas for South by Southwest Conference, which is my favourite thing in the year. But just to get that injection of inspiration, and that feeling that oh my gosh, these dreams that I've been dreaming, I've been playing small, I can go bigger than this. And that is so valuable. I mean, it's one of the most. Her Empire built on my mastermind is designed for knowledge. It's designed as training to be able to teach you practical, tangible things that can lift you out. The one part that I totally am not ashamed to admit I underestimated when I designed it was the power of the cheer squad, the power of everyone going I mean inside the membership right now we've got about 20 people launching this month. And when people are all launching, everyone else is cheering them on. And so when you're getting that lull in energy, or you're like, what should I do, or I'm about to go on this webinar, and I don't know what to do and having other people go. Remember to do this, make sure you do this, again, smash it, whoop, whoop, like that, just you need that in your life. So seek that out wherever it is, whether it's a local business women's group, whether it's an online sort of mastermind, like I have, or whether it's going to conferences as much as you can, injecting yourself with that inspiration to encourage you to fulfil your destiny. And I know how cheesy that sounds. But you can be or you want to be. You know, you really can. And I think it is a tragedy of life that so many people finish the end of their life, not having going after the thing that they always thought they were capable of. And if you've been given a dream and that little fire in your heart, you owe it to yourself to go after it. And sometimes we need that little bit of support and encouragement to be able to do it. And so much of that is by surrounding your people yourself with people that have done it, or believe you can, so that you're encouraged to go and do it do it more. So that's number nine.


And then the final one, number 10 is consistency and persistence. it accumulates. It does not happen overnight. And I know um, you know sometimes I feel like I do myself a bit of a disservice when I talk about this. But when people come up and they're like, you know what, you can just do these five things. And then you're gonna smash your launch overnight and you're gonna be have a six figure launch. Like most of the time, that's bullshit. It happens rarely, but most of the time. Not true. It's consistency and persistence over time. And most people don't get there because they simply give up because they think that when they're not smashing it out of the park right away, that there's somehow something wrong with them that they've done a mistake, and it's not at the beginning. You're gonna suck. Like it's just, it's not gonna be wonderful. You're gonna work out okay, I did this.

I thought I followed The steps but I could do this better. Or maybe I missed this part, or it's all a curious experiment, and your work out over time, how to be better how to show up more confidently how to raise your profile, how to do all of the different things. And it's doing those small things, not the big things. A lot of people think, like, if you take personal training, for example, you know, you can go out and run a marathon, that's not going to make you a fit and healthy person, if you just go do it once. It's the training that you do each and every day, that's going to make a difference to the long term of your health. And it's the same thing. In business, it's doing those little things every day, it's showing up consistently serving people on your podcast on your social media, it's being able to show your audience that they can trust you. And then when you show up and your audience trusts you, the thing that happens is you also begin to trust you more. So at the beginning, you're always going to have this kind of self doubt, inside of you deep, whether you admit it or not. There's always going to be this this kind of glimmer of doubt and going, can I actually do this? Am I good enough to do this? Do I know enough to do this, it's always going to be there simmering under the surface. And so you need runs on the board, you need to be able to come out and go, alright, I'm gonna do this, that's going to give you that little bit of confidence to go You know what, look at the result. I just go for that person. Man, this is amazing. You know, for me, now I can sell so easily. I've had people come into the programme and go, they did a launch, they followed the system they did 85,000 in a week, they did something else. They got webinars sold out, you know, all the different little things. And I'll say, what did you do they go, I just followed your system. I like ag. So now of course, no qualms. But the first time I sold it, I was going, I think this works. I think this is amazing. This is what I've done. I think other people can do it. But of course, there's not that 100% conviction there, there's a part that's going no hope. So. Whereas as time goes on, and you show up consistently, and you get better and better results for your customers, that's going to develop, so not only your reputation is going to develop publicly, but the conviction inside of you will develop as well. So knowing that it's an accumulation, and that you can do this and show up. So you do all those 10 things, you're going to have a million dollar business.


So let me go over them again. So we've got number one, have a great product and offer. Number two, know your tech number three, show up and serve on purpose. Number four, build your profile and credibility. And number five, partner with other businesses. Six, look after your energy. Seven, get a team, get some help. Don't be the hero. Number eight, cell. Number nine, surround yourself with people who lift you up. And number 10, consistency and persistence over time. You do all of those things. And you will have a million dollar a year online course business. It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when it's really as simple as that.

All right, go build your empire.


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