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Welcome to Launch

I am doing something that I've never seen done before in the online course industry! We're running our whole live launch from a luxury vacation house with some of our members so that they can learn launching from the inside, right along with YOU!

We'll be opening up behind the scenes to show you step by step what goes into a live launch - while we're actually launching Her Empire Builder! You'll see the drama, the emotions, the systems - all of it!

The Newest Reality Series is coming on September 12th.





Go Big or Go Home! Launch House is Coming


New reality tv series streaming September 12

One house. 5 entrepreneurs. A multi-million dollar course creator in a live launch. 

Pull back the curtain and watch the drama, chaos, excitement and fulfillment unfold. 

Go big, or go home. 

Can they all handle the pressure that goes hand in hand with digital course launching and the fearless pursuit of their life and business dreams?

Episode One 

Welcome To Launch House!

 Welcome to paradise! Join us on a journey like no other as we kick off the launch of Her Empire Builder from breathtaking Launch House. 🚀✨ In this Welcome Episode, you'll witness the magic of arrival on our luxurious destination launch site. From the blue carpet entrance to poolside chats, beachside brainstorming, and warm hugs, it's all about energy, dreams, and making big things happen. 💪🌟 Discover the importance of high energy in a live launch, get a sneak peek of our incredible accommodations, and meet the fantastic cast members who will guide you through this exciting adventure. 

Episode Two 

🎉📱🚀 Get ready for an exclusive, never-before-seen peek into the high-tech heart of Launch House! Join the ladies of Launch House as they celebrate the official launch of Her Empire Builder and welcome the very first new members!🥳 In this episode Tina reveals how you can live launch from anywhere with simple tech equipment that fits in a backpack.🎙️ BUT...Tina shares the two things that every live launch location MUST have to create a successful event. You'll also get a sneak peek behind the scenes of a marathon content creation day, AND hear the ladies spill the tea in the Interview Room about what it's like to launch alongside other powerful, inspiring women. 👀 Which cast member snores? Who is the Launch House designated chatterbox? Who just really wants to find some quiet time? Tune in to find out! 

Episode Three

Lights, Camera, Content!

🎥✨ Launch Week is heating up as new members begin flooding into Her Empire Builder. 🥳 Follow along as millionaire-maker coach Tina Tower and the Ladies of launch house prep for a full day of content creation, the Her Empire Builder way! Discover Tina’s must-have items for a successful location photo shoot and get a sneak peek at her secret shot list. 📷 Who will be a scene-stealer? Who’s a bit camera shy? Tune in for all the fun and the arrival of a few special mystery guests. 🤫

Episode Four

Turning Slimy Sales Calls Into Constructive Conversations

The Ladies of Launch House are rocking and rolling into Day 4! Energy levels are (mostly) high as the residents prepare to welcome even more new Her Empire Builder Members and host clarity calls for prospective students. Listen closely as Tina reveals her top tips for creators that love coaching but don’t necessarily love “sales,” Watch until the end to discover the contestants’ top takeaways from the Her Empire Launch and how they’ll be implementing what they learned in their own businesses. 


Episode Five

The Finale! Launch House Winner Revealed

👀 Who wins Launch House?? All is revealed! Join Jaimie, Ros, Taryn, Eve, Becca and Tina as they celebrate an incredible week and share how their online businesses have grown since joining Her Empire Builder. 👑 Plus....we have a WINNER! Watch until the end to find out who is crowned the winner of Launch House. 🥳 🎉


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